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1.Xfinity error code rdk-03033

RDK-03033 – We’re Having Trouble Connecting – X1 Error Message This article provides instructions on resolving the “RDK-03033 – Unable to Connect to XFINITY TV” error. When this error occurs, you will see the following message on your device: “We’re having trouble connecting to the X1 Platform.

2.Xfinity error code rdk-03033

RDK-03033 error message We have two X1 cable boxes in our home, one in the living room and one in a personal bedroom. For the last few days, when trying to change channels, we receive a RDK-03033 error message. All plugs and wires have checked and double checked, yet in continues.

3.Xfinity error code rdk-03033

Below are some methods you can apply to fix the error code RDK 03303 on Comcast; Inspect the cable connection – There is every tendency that you’re experiencing this problem due to a wire that is loose on the cable box or the AC outlet. This situation is just enough to prevent you from having a better network connection.

Comcast RDK 03033 Error – How To Fix (Guide)

4.Xfinity error code rdk-03033

With all the bells and whistles of Xfinity by Comcast, there are no exceptions to it when it comes to the errors. One of the recent errors which were faced by users is error code RDK-03033. This…

5.Xfinity error code rdk-03033

Xfinity internet was disconnecting frequently, and the main Xfinity cable box (PX013ANM) was rebooting. Basically, service was going in and out. Neighbors were not having any issues. Called Comcast a number of times. Sometimes they customer service representative could ping (i.e. see) the devices, other times they could not.

X1 Set-Top Box Issues RDK-03004 & RDK-03033

6.Xfinity error code rdk-03033

Rdk-03033 message. TV and cable function for a while, then after leaving the set on one channel for a while, the remote no longer will change channels, and “we’re having trouble connecting to the x1 platform” message. This has happened with 2 different cable boxes. My secondary simple cable box works fine on my upstairs TV

7.Xfinity error code rdk-03033

And now tonight, everything we recorded is stuttering, the video part seems fine. when I tried to stop the recording the RDK 03033 comes up and I can not do anything for 10 to 15 minutes, unhooking the box does not help., Why should I pay for something you can not fix?

8.Xfinity error code rdk-03033

The RDK 03036 error code happens when the program you’re getting from Comcast has an issue. From reports, it shows that Xfinity has alerted its subscribers of this issue. It mainly happens if the program either does not fulfil the requirements to play TV shows or insufficient information, usually in reserve, which prevents it from playing.

Comcast RDK 03036 Error – How To Fix (Guide)

9.Xfinity error code rdk-03033

“Error code rdk-03003” on an Xfinity connection This Xfinity error prevents the user from streaming Television through the cable entirely and refreshing the cable box bears no fruit. Therefore, in this article, we will guide you with some of the reasons due to which this error might be triggered and provide viable solutions to fix the issue.

10.Xfinity error code rdk-03033

Last Friday I turned TV#1 on and it’s on ESPN. That’s the channel it was on last time. I can watch ESPN on that TV all day long until I tried to change channel (to any other channel) and it will display a screen saying “We are having trouble connecting to the internet …check your connections blah blah blah…RDK-03033”.

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