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1.Workers feel wrath of mask debate

Some people who don’t want to wear masks argue it’s their right not to. However, retail stores are private property. So, just as they can require you to wear shirts and shoes, they can require you…

2.Workers feel wrath of mask debate

Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut right or wrong answer to the raging face mask debate. If there is any benefit, it probably lies in protecting the public from a potentially infected wearer rather than the wearer from a potentially infected public. Credit: Studio Incendo – DSCF2199 / Wikipedia

3.Workers feel wrath of mask debate

Widespread mask mandates are beginning to weigh heavily on workers across America, some of whom say the hours-long shifts in face coverings are affecting their physical health. The majority of states across the nation have some form of a statewide mask mandate.

4.Workers feel wrath of mask debate

On Monday night in Ohio, Lt. Gov. Jon Husted was warming up the crowd for President Donald Trump — and trying to sell some campaign merchandise.

5.Workers feel wrath of mask debate

His abrupt change of tack comes amid a politicized debate over masks in the United States, which is nearing the grim milestone of 4 million confirmed coronavirus cases — the highest figure of any…

6.Workers feel wrath of mask debate

A common argument against wearing a mask, as purported by Karen, is having a breathing condition or problem that makes someone exempt, per doctor’s orders. But this isn’t exactly true, according to…

7.Workers feel wrath of mask debate

Grocery store employees have been verbally assaulted for asking shoppers to wear masks, a man at a Dollar Tree store wiped his face on an employee’s shirt when she asked him to wear a mask, and…

8.Workers feel wrath of mask debate

Mask wearing has become a topic of fierce debate in the United States. People opposed to mask mandates have staged protests, and one local health official in Orange County, Calif., quit her job…

9.Workers feel wrath of mask debate

The recent back-and-forth debate —and policy reversal —over the use of face masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19 reveals a glaring double standard. For some reason, we’ve been treating this one…

10.Workers feel wrath of mask debate

“So we need to look at mitigating the risk for everybody, and masks – regardless of the type – can reduce the risk of spread.” Sandhu said the goal is to lessen or reduce the spread of COVID-19.

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1.Bar industry, event workers feeling mixed emotions ahead of Wednesday’s statewide reopening

Bars and restaurants across Central Texas are hiring bartenders, servers, basically any position they need ahead of the state’s full reopening on Wednesday. But there are mixed emotions from

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1  Anti-Maskers and the face mask debate | COVID-19 Special
Experts say wearing face masks is imperative when trying to slow the spread of the coronavirus. But as the coronavirus pandemic wears on, many are experiencing fatigue with masks and social distancing rules. But nowhere is the discussion around mask wearing as polarized as in the United States. From anti-mask wearing rallies to rage-filled …
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Wintour, Patrick (8 January 2015). "David Cameron threatens to drop out of debates unless Greens invited". The Guardian. Guardian Media Group. Retrieved…

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of Ezekiel 25 preceding verse 17 indicates that God’s wrath is retribution for the hostility of the Philistines. In the King James Version from which…

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Group Loses Tax Exemption" by Stephanie Strom Jim Risen & Judy L. Thomas, Wrath of Angels: The American Abortion War (1998) 2001 Clinics Prepare for Operation…