why was graham crackers invented

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1.why was graham crackers invented

The humble Graham cracker was created with one purpose in mind – to put Americans off sex. It was meant to be the opposite of an aphrodisiac, and repel people’s lustful drives. The crunchy snack was created by prudish Sylvester Graham in 1829.

2.why was graham crackers invented

Why were Graham Crackers invented? The sweet flavoured cracker, made from flour, salt, oil, lard and molasses, was inspired by Sylvester Graham, a key figure in the 19th century temperance…

3.why was graham crackers invented

Graham crackers, the hallmark of American childhoods, were inspired by the preachings of the 19th-century Presbyterian minister Sylvester Graham. Graham, a devout follower of the Temperance Movement of the time, believed in eating a wholesome plant-based diet that included whole-grain bread.

4.why was graham crackers invented

“Just Google why graham crackers were invented and ruin your day,” another tweet reads. The plea has led to more than 200,000 searches by people doing just that, with those curious enough finding…

5.why was graham crackers invented

Twitter users react to the joke. After Googling the question, many people have taken to Twitter to react to the answer. One person wrote: “After googling why graham crackers were invented I feel …

6.why was graham crackers invented

Graham crackers were invented to stop sexual urges and desires because the inventor Reverend Sylvester Graham believed that eating meat and fat led to sexual excess. This may be one of the…

7.why was graham crackers invented

Today, Graham crackers are used as an ingredient for making s’mores, pies, or cakes. But these baked goods were invented not because of this. These baked goods were originally created to reduce sex desires. Yep, read it right. Seriously. The history of Graham crackers. The history of Graham crackers started in the 19th century, when mass …

8.why was graham crackers invented

He fully supported the movement that sex should be forbidden and decided to invent the graham cracker to help out his fellow citizens. But something to note is that the original graham cracker was…

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A new trend has started on Twitter and TikTok, and it revolves around the origins of the humble Graham cracker

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2.Why were graham crackers invented? The bizarre history behind the snack

This week, numerous posts to Twitter have circulated with the same sentiment: “Please Google why graham crackers were invented.” “Just Google why graham crackers were invented and ruin your …

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1  Graham Crackers Were Invented to Curb Sexual Appetite
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1.Timeline of United States inventions (before 1890)

Graham crackers are often used for making s’mores and pie crusts. Graham bread was invented by a Presbyterian minister, Reverend Sylvester Graham in…


toasted marshmallow on a slab of chocolate, which is placed between two graham crackers. These can then be squeezed together, causing the chocolate to begin…