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1.why does tom brady not eat strawberries

When no one is watching, Tom Brady is wolfing down kale and dissecting Todd Bowles’ defense while doing 10,000 crunches. In the same profile, Brady talks about his wish to “do nothing” during his …

2.why does tom brady not eat strawberries

The NFL determined Brady was lying about deflated footballs, so maybe he’s willing to lie about not eating strawberries.

3.why does tom brady not eat strawberries

Tom Brady is extremely disciplined when it comes to his diet. The currently suspended New England Patriots quarterback, 39, steers clear of white sugar, white flour, MSG, caffeine, fungus, dairy,…

4.why does tom brady not eat strawberries

Tom Brady finally ate a strawberry for the first time last week — just about a year and a half after admitting to the Cut that he’d “never” tried the easily accessible fruit before. Now, the quarterback of the Super Bowl–losing New England Patriots has further clarified his stance on strawberries: He basically hates everything about them. …

5.why does tom brady not eat strawberries

We know Tom Brady has a crazy diet. His chef revealed the secrets behind what the Patriots quarterback eats, and doesn’t, to earlier this year. But it’s still amazing to find out there …

6.why does tom brady not eat strawberries

Charles Curtis March 20, 2018 7:47 am Tom Brady’s crazy diet has always been a source for humor, between the “NO NIGHTSHADES!” and the avocado ice cream. One of those restrictions includes…

7.why does tom brady not eat strawberries

While mere mortals might enjoy a fresh juicy strawberry in the summer months, perhaps with chocolate or in some creamy yogurt, Brady scoffs at the idea. When the sun devours the earth, Tom Brady…

8.why does tom brady not eat strawberries

Tom Brady’s private chef shared what the couple (and their kids) eat to stay in good shape. Here’s 9 things you won’t find on the Brady’s menu for dinner.

9 Things You Would Have to Give up to Eat Like Tom Brady

9.why does tom brady not eat strawberries

Why does Tom Brady not eat tomatoes? Tom Brady doesn’t eat tomatoes because they fall in the nightshade category — among other produce. Some people (including Brady) believe that fruits and vegetables in the nightshade group cause inflammation (specifically arthritis) but there is no medical evidence that supports that.

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1  Brady: I’ve Never Eaten A Strawberry
B&C have the latest on the Patriots’ QB
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