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1.why does the weekend wear face bandages?

The Weeknd accepted the first award of the night at the AMAs 2020 on Sunday, November 22. And he did it in a surprising look: His face was completely covered in bandages. Take a look for yourself …

2.why does the weekend wear face bandages?

Why The Weeknd’s Face Is in Bandages at the 2020 AMAs. By Alyssa Bailey. Nov 23, 2020 Kevin Winter Getty Images. In August at the MTV VMAs, The Weeknd took to the stage with a bloodied face.

3.why does the weekend wear face bandages?

The Weeknd was photographed with bandages on his face on November 9 while shooting a music video, according to Just Jared—a hint that The Weeknd may be dropping that new video soon, too.

4.why does the weekend wear face bandages?

Many have been puzzled by the Weeknd’s full-face bandages in recent videos. Ahead of the Super Bowl, he explains in an exclusive interview.

The Weeknd Reveals the Significance of His Full-Face Bandages, Ahead of Super Bowl (EXCLUSIVE)

5.why does the weekend wear face bandages?

Don’t worry The Weeknd isn’t recovering from any injuries. The singer sparked concern when he appeared at 2020 American Music Award’s with his face nearly covered in bandages. He didn’t acknowledge his new look during his acceptance speeches for Favorite Album Soul/R&B for “After Hours,” Song Soul/R&B for “Heartless” and Favorite Male Artist, Soul/R&B.

6.why does the weekend wear face bandages?

The Weeknd won Favorite Soul/R&B Album at the 2020 American Music Awards, and you might have been slightly shocked when he wandered on stage with his face covered in bandages.

7.why does the weekend wear face bandages?

Why did The Weeknd have bandages on his face? To calm any worried fans, the bandages on The Weeknds’s face aren’t a result of an injury or surgery. In fact, they’re a part of the aesthetic of his…

8.why does the weekend wear face bandages?

The star performed at the 2020 American Music Awards with his face bloodied and bandaged. But the performer known as the Weeknd (aka Abel Tesfaye) is really doing just fine. In fact, he wasn’t …

9.why does the weekend wear face bandages?

Namely, wearing bloody makeup, nose bandages, and bruises for the album art, short film, and many of his live appearances. Yowza . “The Weeknd has been walking around with blood on his face for …

10.why does the weekend wear face bandages?

The Weeknd startled fans when his face appeared bruised and bloody at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards in late August. He later wore a full face of bandages while attending the 2020 American Music …

Did The Weeknd Seriously Get Plastic Surgery? His Extreme New Look, Explained

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1.What Happened To The Weeknd’s Face? His Bandages, Botox & Plastic Surgery Rumours Explained

Ahead of The Weeknd’s Super Bowl 2021 halftime performance, the ‘Blinding Lights’ star has explained why he’s been wearing those bandages on his face and if he’s really had plastic surgery.

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1  Why Does Singer ‘The WEEKND’ Have Bandages, Bruises And Blood On His Face?
The Weekend Abel Makkonen Tesfaye has been making appearances with bandages and bruises! what is going on?
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