why does snapchat say opened just now

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1.why does snapchat say opened just now

A strange bug is beginning to confuse frequent Snapchat users. After sending a message, the app will say it has been delivered, as usual. However, regardless of when the message was received, Snapchat will say it was opened just now. As a result, users don’t know when messages were actually received

Why does Snapchat say opened just now?

2.why does snapchat say opened just now

It’s not entirely clear why Snapchat says messages were opened just now. However, this does seem to be a new phenomenon, appearing sometime in the last few weeks. No matter when the Snap photo,…

Why does Snapchat say opened just now?

3.why does snapchat say opened just now

Snapchat opened just now, based on me opening my snapchat It seems that since the recent update to android some things in Snapchat are a bit buggy. The most frustrating one is that if I open Snapchat to see if someone has opened a message or snap I sent them, it says “just now” and then seems to time it from then, even if they actually opened …

Snapchat opened just now, based on me opening my snapchat from snapchatdiscussion

4.why does snapchat say opened just now

Most likely a glitch. Snapchat always has little bugs and stuff. Like sometimes if I open a message from a person and leave it on open, over time the conversation will go to the bottom of my chat lists, and when I check it later, it says that THE OTHER person left me on read. So it really is probably a glitch or bug.

5.why does snapchat say opened just now

All my snapchats say “just now” under them? All of a sudden every single snapchat in my feed says it was posted “just now” and on stories too. How can I fix this? Answer Save. 1 Answer. Relevance. steph. Lv 4. 5 years ago. Update app and restart phone. 0 1. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

6.why does snapchat say opened just now

When you send a message on Snapchat, the platform will track it and inform you of its status changes. The “Opened” status is assigned to the messages that have been opened by the recipient (or recipients, if you sent a message to a group chat). To view your message’s current status, you should follow these steps:

7.why does snapchat say opened just now

‘Snap Opened’ indicates a snap sent by you to another person (Snapchat user). You might have sent a snap to the user lets say Today on 3/20/2018 in the morning at 11:00. But the person (Snapchat user) might open it tomorrow.

8.why does snapchat say opened just now

I send someone a Snapchat at 10am this morning. The last time I checked, at around 7pm, it said “Delivered – 9 hours”. Makes sense – they probably just haven’t opened my Snap. But, just now (8pm) I was on Snapchat and saw that now, the snap I had sent to this person says “Opened – 10 hours”. I am really confused because it just said that they haven’t opened it but now it says that it’s been open.

9.why does snapchat say opened just now

Greetings. So I snapped a lady friend last night, goodnight, yet she never replied back. I assumed she was asleep. Around 11:30 am today I check my snapchat to see she still hasnt gotten my message, it read delivered this many hours ago. Whatever. I go to work, come back home, checked her story t…

10.why does snapchat say opened just now

Snapchat uses icons to show you the status of anything you send. If the notification says ‘delivered’ but not ‘opened,’ the recipient is either offline or hasn’t opened the Snap. If it says ‘opened,’ then you know the person is either online or was recently active.

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