Why does my stomach hurt when i wake up

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1.Why does my stomach hurt when i wake up

A stomach ulcer is a sore that develops in the lining of your stomach. It can cause a burning or dull pain in the middle of the stomach, in the space between your chest and belly button. Pain can…

2.Why does my stomach hurt when i wake up

If the food you ate in the evening or at midnight is contaminated with viruses, bacteria, or parasites, it can cause stomach pain in the morning when you wake up, nausea, vomiting, or even fever. Stomach pain caused by food poisoning generally lasts from a few hours to a few days.

3.Why does my stomach hurt when i wake up

Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix. It is a common cause of severe and sudden stomach pain that starts around the navel and moves lower. The pain usually gets worse with time. Other…

4.Why does my stomach hurt when i wake up

Waking up with some stomach pain in the morning is probably your digestive system trying to kick-start after a night of sleeping, but a trip to the bathroom should help. “The hallmark is that once you get to the bathroom and are able to have a bowel movement, typically the pain or discomfort is relieved as part of the process,” he says.

5.Why does my stomach hurt when i wake up

A stomach ulcer, which is sometimes called peptic ulcer, often causes burning stomach pain. The pain may grow worse when your stomach is full or when stomach acid is present. That means the pain is…

6.Why does my stomach hurt when i wake up

Why does my stomach hurt in the morning? It can be caused by the digestive problems. Celiac disease is characterized by the inability to digest the gluten normally found in grains. It can cause stomach pain if you involve gluten in your diet.

7.Why does my stomach hurt when i wake up

Cholecystitis is inflammation of your gallbladder; it sometimes causes people to wake up with an upset stomach every morning. The gallbladder is a pear-shaped organ that locates below the liver. It stores bile, which your body uses to digest fats in the small intestine.

8.Why does my stomach hurt when i wake up

Common causes Nighttime stomach pain may be caused by eating close to bedtime, acid reflux, or GERD. Digestive problems are considered the most common cause of stomach pain at night. Eating close…

9.Why does my stomach hurt when i wake up

“When we go to sleep, our intestines go to sleep,” Hanauer said. “Further, our brains usually turn off many pain signals while we sleep. So if the pain is bad enough to wake us up, that’s…

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