why does my arm hurt after a flu shot

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1.why does my arm hurt after a flu shot

The soreness many people feel after getting the flu shot is a sign the body is developing influenza-fighting antibodies. Some people experience soreness at the site of the injection after getting a…

2.why does my arm hurt after a flu shot

The flu shot is safe, and you cannot get the flu from the flu shot. Most people have little or no reaction to the flu shot and the most common side effect is some discomfort in your arm hours after receiving the vaccination, including soreness, redness and/or swelling.

3.why does my arm hurt after a flu shot

Ever wonder why your arm is so sore after a flu shot?. While getting influenza vaccine is a relatively painless experience for most people, some do find that the area where the needle was injected tends to be pretty sore for a day or two after the shot.. Aside from being mildly annoying, it’s really nothing to worry about. But to satisfy curious minds, TODAY asked the experts why this happens.

4.why does my arm hurt after a flu shot

In the event of infection, inflammation is important because it helps your body fight invaders and repair damaged tissue. But it’s also what causes soreness. The flu shot is usually injected into…

5.why does my arm hurt after a flu shot

The shots make the arms sore because of “a great big wad of fluid” delivered into the muscle from the syringe, according to Dr. John Dunn, medical director for preventative care at Kaiser Permanente Washington. There is no reason for people to be afraid of the flu vaccine.

6.why does my arm hurt after a flu shot

“The flu shot is made to produce an immune response, so soreness is a sign that it’s working,” Nate Favini, the medical lead at Forward, explained to HuffPost. “Your body has an inflammatory response, and that’s what gives you immunity against the flu.” But a lack of soreness shouldn’t be cause for concern either.

7.why does my arm hurt after a flu shot

First, it’s important to understand why your arm hurts after the flu vaccine. The most obvious factor is that the vaccine introduces a needle into the arm muscle and injects fluid into it.

8.why does my arm hurt after a flu shot

Roughly half the flu shots administered this year are quadrivalent, so perhaps that accounts for the sore arms. You mentioned SIRVA, shoulder pain and limited range of motion that comes on suddenly…

9.why does my arm hurt after a flu shot

If you have ever received a vaccination, you know your arm may feel a bit sore for a few days after the fact. The pain you are experiencing is usually soreness of the muscle where the injection was given. This pain is also a sign that your immune system is making antibodies in response to the viruses in the vaccine.

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1  Why does the flu vaccine hurt?
With another influenza season upon us, we brought some of your most frequently asked questions about the flu vaccine to Dr. Jason Newland of the Infectious Diseases division here at Children’s Mercy in Kansas City. Here are his answers and advice.
Watch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9S_skihNO4I

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