why does kakashi wear a mask

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1.why does kakashi wear a mask

Kakashi wears the mask either to hide his shame or hide the fact that he looks uncannily like his father. However, Kakashi wore the mask as a child before his father died, so that theory is one of the weakest. Fans on Reddit are a little more harsh.

2.why does kakashi wear a mask

Some fans are of the view that his mask was a symbol of his membership in the Anbu Black Ops.

3.why does kakashi wear a mask

Why does Kakashi wear a mask? January 10, 2021

Why does Kakashi wear a mask?

4.why does kakashi wear a mask

All the members of ANBU wear masks for various reasons. (hiding their identity, their feelings, expression, and so on, making them merely fighting robots) Since his childhood days, he always was looked down on by the villagers because his father sacrificed a mission in order to save his comrades.

5.why does kakashi wear a mask

In fact he was so famous that Kakashi was often mistaken for White Fang, that probably explains the reason why he was wearing a mask. His dad made him wear a mask to protect his identity. It’s somewhat similar to why Naruto was not named a Namikaze.

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6.why does kakashi wear a mask

Qimu Kakashi has a mask from small to large, the first reason is personal habits; the second is that in Japanese, Qimu Kakashi means scarecrow, while in Japanese customs, the so-called scarecrow has no obvious face.

7.why does kakashi wear a mask

In terms of what Team 7 had been imagining, the reveal was a bit of an anti-climax, as the only feature of interest Kakashi’s mask was covering was a tiny mole on his chin. It’s not explicitly revealed whether the mole is why Kakashi refuses to show his full face, or whether the birthmark is entirely unrelated.

8.why does kakashi wear a mask

The Anbu maintain their secrecy while on missions by wearing a mask – a seemingly perfect job for Kakashi. They don’t always wear long sleeves to cover up their skin though. That’s how fans know that the Anbu have a signature tattoo. Members of the elite force have a tattoo on one arm.

9.why does kakashi wear a mask

I think it’s implied that he wear those to limit 6th eyes power, since the only time he takes his blindfold/glasses off is when he’s serious. Also, I get the feeling that if he didn’t wear those for a prolonged time, he would get into a frenzied state (example would be Toji fight) but this is purely my speculation.

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1  Why kakashi wears mask ?
Why kakashi wears mask ?
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