why does battlefront take forever to load

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1.why does battlefront take forever to load

Hi, I am having issues with any Origin game thats needs to connect online (Battlefield 4 and Star Wars Battlefront in this case). The games will take forever to load anything, there is extremely bad lag in the menus and in the whole game from loading a level to just launch the game.

2.why does battlefront take forever to load

Is anyone else having issues with battelfrony taking like 5 minutes just to get to the home screen? And then it takes forever to load into games? ****UPDATE**** buy an external hard drive if you are on Xbox, seemed to help me. Battlefront is starting up instantly and performing much better

3.why does battlefront take forever to load

It may take longer to load the graphics with CMBB & CMAK (I’m not sure what the speed differences are between CMBB & CMAK). The textures (comparing un-modded versions) are larger and there are more of them with the later games.

4.why does battlefront take forever to load

10 minutes to load up the game, 10 minutes to load up a battle, followed by another 10 minutes to load back to the map. None of this is including the 5 minutes it takes for all the AI to take its turn. Loading doesn’t bother me anymore lmao Just hold down space, and never turn off fog of war (I learned that the hard way)

5.why does battlefront take forever to load

Take a look at the information we’ve provided below, where you’ll be able to find out how to download the beta and get started playing the Battlefront 2 beta. PC. Login to your Origin account and redeem the game code. Next, open the Origin application and wait for the app to load up. Now, head to your Game Library.

6.why does battlefront take forever to load

Is it me or does Battlefront 2 take so dam long to loadd. 29 comments. share. save. … Still drives me mad as I’m sitting in the character select forever waiting for you guys to load in. level 1. 1 point · 3 years ago. Haven’t noticed it. … Honestly I bet it does just because Dice games in general take a while to load. But frankly, Scorpio …

Is it me or does Battlefront 2 take so dam long to loadd from StarWarsBattlefront

7.why does battlefront take forever to load

I have a SSD card and an update that is only 3 GB is taking forever, we o have fast internet with about 10 GB/sec and with this one update. nothing else is taking this long to download or update. Could it be because the update just released and there is so many people downloading it at once that the website cant handle it.

8.why does battlefront take forever to load

When I try to enter a map in FTB, it takes like 5 minutes to load when it works. Most of the time it just crashes before it finishes. When I’m actually in-game, I get about 60FPS on Far and Fancy with a 128x TP (with OptiFine of course).

9.why does battlefront take forever to load

oke, but that still deosnt answer my question it takes 20mins to load FTB Ultimate modpack or any other used to take 1 min, joining a server takes 10mins used to take 1min, applying a texture pack takes 20mins used to take a few seconds. i used to launch ftb while watching youtube or on skype it always took 1min and now just out of no where it takes a hell of a time thats not normal.

10.why does battlefront take forever to load

Hello, i like the new rust very much, but evreytime i want to play i have to wait 10 minuts maby more before i can play. It takes a realy long time for rust to load a server. So my question is, does evreyone else have the same problem? or is it just me? If it is, then please help me to boost up my rust. Greets, Rambo.

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