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1.why did duran quit

Duran, on whom the upcoming film “Hands of Stone” is based, goes on to explain what went through his mind before he quit the fight – a bout in which he wasn’t hurt and had only been losing 67-66 …

2.why did duran quit

The documentary follows Duran Duran’s highs and lows, including the rifts and tensions that built among the band’s original members. These issues ultimately resulted in the band splitting up in…

3.why did duran quit

He clearly was the winner, but the bizarre ending was so shocking, so unexpected, it cast a cloud on the victory. Later, Duran said he quit because of stomach cramps and that he felt something, a…

4.why did duran quit

The Ultimate Reasons Why Andy Taylor Left Duran Duran. Andy Taylor did enjoy some success as a solo artist and producer. He scored a modest hit with “Take It Easy” from his album Thunder and produced artists such as Rod Stewart and Belinda Carlisle. In 2001, the original members of Duran Duran agreed to reunite to record a new album.

Why Andy Taylor Left Duran Duran in 1986

5.why did duran quit

Duran quit simply because he was in poor physical condition going into the fight, and I think he realised pretty quickly that there wasnt much in the tank. The first fight which he won required him to be in great physical condition, and he needed to be.

6.why did duran quit

Duran, however, told the media he quit because of stomach cramps. “I ate too much. I was eating hot food and drinking cold juice. That’s what caused the cramps.

Roberto Duran “No Mas” Quits Against Sugar Ray Leonard This Day November 25, 1980

7.why did duran quit

LEONARD RATES FLOYD MAYWEATHER AND SAYS HE WOULD’VE NEVER QUIT AGAINST DURAN – Duration: 6:55. DontaesBoxingNation 174,704 views. 6:55. Sugar Ray Leonard Breaks Down His Most Iconic Fights …

8.why did duran quit

In fact, fans booed both fighters throughout the match, and Duran’s lackluster performance did nothing to quell the controversy still swirling around his decision to quit in New Orleans almost a …

9.why did duran quit

Duran Duran’s comeback will continue without the services of Andy Taylor. Duran Duran’s comeback will continue without the services of Andy Taylor. The band’s founding guitarist has split with the…

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1.ABC Sports – Wide World of Sports

I think that the media put more emphasis on why Duran quit as opposed to … I just felt that I did my job, I felt that it all paid off. But also if you go back and review the tape, when my …

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2.Drummer Sterling Campbell on His Years With David Bowie, Duran Duran, and Soul Asylum

How did that tour lead to you joining Duran Duran? The Cyndi Lauper thing … I was just making stuff up. And maybe thats why it worked. Do you recall recording “Runaway Train?”

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1  Duran QUIT because he had to POOP-Luis Resto
Luis Resto discusses NO Mas
Watch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qC7LMEm7i2U

1.Roberto Durán

because Duran quit). Durán then retired for a second time, but changed his mind over a year later, and was back fighting in early 1986. Durán did not contend…

2.Sugar Ray Leonard

afterwards, Durán quit because of his huge eating binge prior to the fight. "I made him quit", Leonard said. "To make a man quit, to make Roberto Durán quit, was…

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Buddy Guy and Anthony Hamilton, Melanie, the Isley Brothers, Bob Andy, Duran Duran, Magnet, Hoyt Axton, Angélique Kidjo, Ministry, Malaria!, Lorrie Morgan…