who gave the shortest inauguration speech

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1.who gave the shortest inauguration speech

On March 4, 1793, George Washington delivered the shortest inauguration speech in American history: 133 words. William Henry Harrison gave the longest—8,443 words—on March 4, 1841. The day was a cold, blustery one, and Harrison caught a chill, which ultimately led to his death a month later. More Fascinating Facts Posts

Which presidents gave the shortest — and longest — inauguration speeches?

2.who gave the shortest inauguration speech

Shortest Inaugural Address: George Washington’s second, in 1793. Yet he had the most important administration in American history. So the longest inaugural address was followed by the shortest administration in U.S. history, and the shortest inaugural address occurred at the midpoint of the most important administration in U.S. history.

3.who gave the shortest inauguration speech

Step 2 : Answer to the question “Which president gave the shortest inaugural address?” George Washington – George Washington’s second inaugural address (in 1793) was the shortest ever at just 130 words.

4.who gave the shortest inauguration speech

On Friday, Donald Trump will take the oath of office as the 45th president of the United States. Below, test your knowledge of inauguration da…

5.who gave the shortest inauguration speech

5 Shortest Inaugural Speeches George Washington’s Second Inaugural (130 words) Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Fourth (550 words) Abraham Lincoln’s Second (700 words)

6.who gave the shortest inauguration speech

George Washington’s second inauguration speech (in 1793) was the shortest one in US history- just 135 words. Which president gave the shortest inagural address and the longest? The longest was…

7.who gave the shortest inauguration speech

It was Washington who in 1793 gave the shortest inaugural address of 135 words, while William Henry Harrison ’s 1841 speech, lasting almost two hours, was the longest at 8,455 words. Inaugural speeches set the tone for the incoming administration.

8.who gave the shortest inauguration speech

The shortest address was the second delivered by George Washington, who spoke only 135 words at his March 4, 1793 inauguration. (You can read his address here.) The longest address came from…

9.who gave the shortest inauguration speech

It wasn’t the shortest inaugural address in history. That distinction belongs to George Washington’s second inaugural in 1793, rendered in a terse, downright haiku-like 135 words. But there still…

10.who gave the shortest inauguration speech

President William Henry Harrison dies after serving only 32 days in office on this day in 1841. Harrison holds the unfortunate presidential record of shortest term in office. Ironically, the man…

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