who gave the longest inauguration speech

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1.who gave the longest inauguration speech

On March 4, 1793, George Washington delivered the shortest inauguration speech in American history: 133 words. William Henry Harrison gave the longest—8,443 words—on March 4, 1841. The day was a cold, blustery one, and Harrison caught a chill, which ultimately led to his death a month later. More Fascinating Facts Posts

2.who gave the longest inauguration speech

William Henry Harrison, the first U.S. president from Ohio, gave the longest inaugural speech as he was sworn into office. 1865 President Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated for a second term of…

3.who gave the longest inauguration speech

Inaugural Address Lengths William Henry Harrison had the longest inaugural address at 8,460 words and took one hour and 45 minutes to deliver. This was 3,000 words more than Taft ‘s which was the second longest. George Washington ‘s second inaugural address was the shortest at 135 words.

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4.who gave the longest inauguration speech

Gleaves Whitney – January 20, 2009 Longest Inaugural Address: William Henry Harrison’s in 1841. He delivered the 1 hour 45 minute oration without wearing a hat or coat in a howling snowstorm, came down with pneumonia, and died one month later. His was the shortest tenure in the White House.

5.who gave the longest inauguration speech

March 13, 2012 by Pamela Landy On March 4, 1841, President William Henry Harrison gave the longest address, at about 8,500 words. Harrison delivered the 100-minute speech outdoors without an overcoat in bitterly cold weather. He caught pneumonia and died on April 4, 1841, one month after taking office.

6.who gave the longest inauguration speech

The longest presidential inauguration address was delivered by the man who had the shortest presidency. On March 4, 1841, William Henry Harrison was inaugurated as president and decided to give a …

Longest Inauguration Speech: William Henry Harrison’s Ran Nearly 2 Hours

7.who gave the longest inauguration speech

President Harrison has the dual distinction among all the Presidents of giving the longest inaugural speech and of serving the shortest term of office. Known to the public as “Old Tippecanoe,” the former general of the Indian campaigns delivered an hour-and-forty-five-minute speech in a snowstorm.

8.who gave the longest inauguration speech

The Longest inaugural address, one hour and forty minutes, was given by William Henry Harrison, he as well served the shortest term as president.

9.who gave the longest inauguration speech

Harrison holds the unfortunate presidential record of shortest term in office. Ironically, the man with the shortest White House tenure delivered the longest inaugural address in history, which may…

10.who gave the longest inauguration speech

The longest address came from William Henry Harrison who spoke for 1 hour, 45 minutes – 8,460 words – on March 4, 1841. That didn’t work out so well, as we will see below. Here’s more on your…

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