Which of these hair traits is a recessive gene?

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1.Which of these hair traits is a recessive gene?


2.Which of these hair traits is a recessive gene?

Also known as mid-digital, hairline is a result of expression of the hairline gene. The gene contains 2 alleles: one for straight hairline, which is recessive and the other for widow’s peak, which is dominant. If the 2 widow’s alleles are present, the individual will have a peak.

3.Which of these hair traits is a recessive gene?

Recessive Hair Colors Recessive hair colors include blonde hair, light hair, and red hair. This also means that although blonde hair is dominant over red hair, it is recessive to dark hair.

4.Which of these hair traits is a recessive gene?

Naturally blond hair (eeeeeeee in the above example) is rare and found almost exclusively in Europe and Oceania, through a recessive mode of inheritance (both parents pass on the blond hair gene). Phenomelanin (red pigment) is a different gene only carried by people from European Ancestry.

5.Which of these hair traits is a recessive gene?

It has been long established that curly hair is a dominant trait in Caucasians and straight hair is recessive. However, a single gene has yet to be found to be solely responsible for the curly (or straight) hair trait in Caucasians. Furthermore, can parents with straight hair have a child with curly hair?

6.Which of these hair traits is a recessive gene?

Dark hair is a dominant trait, opposed to light hair, which is recessive. Recessive means that the trait will only show if there is no dominant gene there. If your hair is blonde then your trait for hair is recessive. You would have no genes for dark hair.

7.Which of these hair traits is a recessive gene?

Common recessive traits with regard to hair color include all light colors, such as blond hair and red hair. Dominant traits include dark colors, such as black and brown.

Common Recessive Traits

8.Which of these hair traits is a recessive gene?

Blonde hair (bb) is a recessive trait, and brown hair (Bb) is dominant. If both parents have brown hair, what must be true if one of their children have blonde hair?

9.Which of these hair traits is a recessive gene?

Maddox and Maecy both carry alleles for brown hair. Their 4-year-old son, Drake, also has brown hair. Therefore, Drake is _____ the trait of brown hair. a. homozygous for b. heterozygous for c. a carrier of d. recessive for

10.Which of these hair traits is a recessive gene?

Long eyelashes are a hot and desired trend these days. Lucky for us, the gene that codes for long lashes is dominant, whereas the one that codes for short lashes is recessive. Babies With a dark hair color will have long lashes that are a lot more prominent than those of light-haired offspring.

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