which harry potter trio would you be in and why

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1.which harry potter trio would you be in and why

Which Harry Potter Trio would you be in and why? Quiz introduction thank you @harrypotterhoesxx on tik tok for this amazing suggestion, if you want to see something please request it. now it’s time to find out who your friends are. some of these are actual trios, most of them are made up. take with caution.

2.which harry potter trio would you be in and why

Each member of the Golden Trio played a special role in the Harry Potter series. Harry was the brave and daring hero, Hermione the brains, and Ron the sense of humor. Take this quiz to find out which one of these Golden Trio members you are most like in your own friend group. Are you bored of the Muggle world? Ready to challenge yourself?

3.which harry potter trio would you be in and why

Which Member Of The Harry Potter Trio Are You? Harry, Ron, Or Hermione? By Answering These Questions You’ll Find Out! Created by Zebras And Unicorns … Harry Potter’s humble sidekick. You tend to get jealous of your friends from time to time, but you will still always be friends. Hermione. Hermione.

4.which harry potter trio would you be in and why

Which Harry Potter trio are you ? Let’s see whether you are the golden,silver or bronze trio ! … April 24, 2018 · 22,086 takers. Just For Fun …

5.which harry potter trio would you be in and why

We Only Need Four Questions To Discover Which Member Of The Golden Trio From “Harry Potter” You Are “We’re with you whatever happens.”

6.which harry potter trio would you be in and why

Which of the Harry Potter Trio Are You Most Like? 10 Questions – Developed by: Hermione Rose Potter – Developed on: 2012-01-01 – 12,556 taken – User Rating: 4.6 of 5 – 5 votes 1

7.which harry potter trio would you be in and why

The Trio, sometimes known as the Golden Trio, was the popular name given to the gang of three best friends and former Gryffindor students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, being Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, and Hermione Granger. The trio was allied with the Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore’s Army, and Albus Dumbledore, and in their adult lives and careers, the British Ministry of …

8.which harry potter trio would you be in and why

Which Golden Trio Member Are You Most Like? – Harry Potter 10 Questions – Developed by: AlwaysLily19 – Developed on: 2014-04-15 – 53,709 taken – 11 people like it

9.which harry potter trio would you be in and why

A Golden Trio Era Life Quiz with a detailed & original profile and story 💖 … Books Just For Fun Harry Potter Hogwarts Hogwarts Life … Report. Add to library 24 » Discussion 63 » Follow author » Share . Harry Potter Life Quiz: Golden Trio Era. Acαcíα ღ. 1. 20. 1. …

10.which harry potter trio would you be in and why

Harry Potter. Harry Potter came very close to being sorted into Slytherin before he persuaded the Hat to sort him into Gryffindor. Yet the spectre of Slytherin haunted him for some time afterwards, becoming particularly potent in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, when he was rumoured to be the heir of Slytherin.Speaking to a snake in front of his fellow students certainly didn’t help.

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1.9 Harry Potter Plot Holes That Actually Have Simple Fixes

In Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets the troublesome trio take it upon themselves to solve the mystery of the Heir of Slytherin. Now this is not much of a deviation from their usual antics, but what IS out of character,

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2.QUIZ: Can you name all of these Harry Potter characters?

Harry Potter fans will definitely be able to recognise some of the more famous (and infamous) characters. From The Golden Trio to the Weasley family; Hogwarts’ staff members to so

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1  The Golden Trio (Harry Potter) – You’ll Be With Me
This is a vid I made like two years ago, but I could never post it because yt kept rejecting it, and now I can post it, so here it is, I really like it and I worked hard on this one and the song means a lot to me so yeah, I hope you like it.
Watch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4Ck5-Nsvvg

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