Where is Gloriavale?

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1.Where is Gloriavale?

The Gloriavale Christian Community (also known as the Cooperites) is a small and isolated Christian community located at Haupiri on the West Coast of the South Island in New Zealand, and it has an estimated population of over 500. It has operated on a property owned by a registered charity since 2008.

2.Where is Gloriavale?

Welcome to Gloriavale The Gloriavale Christian Community is home to more than 90 families who are members of the Church at Gloriavale in New Zealand.

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3.Where is Gloriavale?

Gloriavale Airstrip Gloriavale Airstrip is an airfield in West Coast and has about 540 residents. Gloriavale Airstrip is situated in Gloriavale Christian Community, close to Lake Haupiri/Gloriavale Christian Community Airport.

4.Where is Gloriavale?

In this series we visit Gloriavale, a closed community of Christian fundamentalists living on New Zealand’s isolated West Coast. This is a world untouched by feminism, where women live in submission to men, welcome every baby as a gift from God, and work each day for the benefit others while they wait for the world to end.

5.Where is Gloriavale?

The evangelical preacher was the founder of Gloriavale Christian Community, a reclusive cult based on New Zealand’s South Island. Christian changed his name from Neville Cooper after setting up the…

6.Where is Gloriavale?

The Gloriavale Christian community at Haupiri, near Greymouth. Photo / Kurt Bayer Mrs Ben-Canaan said they were pressuring her to go their way, so that way senior leaders at Gloriavale would not…

7.Where is Gloriavale?

So I headed to Haupiri to the Cooperites (Gloriavale) which is 60km south east of Greymouth in the middle of the mountains. A very long way from anywhere. My excuse to myself for lying my way in…

8.Where is Gloriavale?

Instead Gloriavale: A Woman’s Place ended up being a lot like its subjects: unfussy and cheerfully uncritical, completely unwilling to rock the boat by asking a single tough question. Whatever …

Gloriavale: Where a woman’s place is submissive and pregnant

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1.‘It could have killed me’: Gloriavale leaver struck by tree branch is struggling to support large family

A former Gloriavale man working to support his pregnant wife and 12 children suffered a setback when a tree branch crushed his leg.

Published Date: 2021-02-04T05:22:00.0000000Z

1  Gloriavale escapees open up about family separation, leaving sect
A family of nine that fled Gloriavale says the Christian community tried to separate their family to stop them from leaving. Mr and Mrs Ben-Canaan, who only want to be known by their last names, were born and raised in the community for almost 37 years. Mr Ben-Canaan was thrown out of the community two months ago and his wife and seven children …
Watch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLSmELELa-E

1.Gloriavale Christian Community

The Gloriavale Christian Community (also known as the Cooperites) is a small and isolated Christian community located at Haupiri on the West Coast of the…

2.List of intentional communities

al-Salam Atarashiki-mura Owa Hutterite Colony Centrepoint (founded 1977) Gloriavale Christian Community (founded c.  1990s) Jerusalem/Hiruharama (1970-1972)…

3.COVID-19 pandemic in New Zealand

100 people. On 29 March, it was reported that members of the exclusive Gloriavale Christian Community were not complying with lockdown measures and that…