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1.What was the Tet Offensive?

The Tet Offensive (Vietnamese: Sự kiện Tết Mậu Thân 1968), or officially called The General Offensive and Uprising of Tet Mau Than 1968 (Vietnamese: Tổng Tiến công và Nổi dậy Tết Mậu Thân 1968) was a major escalation and one of the largest military campaigns of the Vietnam War.It was launched on January 30, 1968 by forces of the Viet Cong (VC) and North Vietnamese …

2.What was the Tet Offensive?

The Tet Offensive was a coordinated series of North Vietnamese attacks on more than 100 cities and outposts in South Vietnam. The offensive was an attempt to foment rebellion among the South …

3.What was the Tet Offensive?

Tet Offensive, attacks staged by North Vietnamese forces beginning in the early hours of January 31, 1968, during the Vietnam War. The attacks were carried out by some 85,000 troops against five major South Vietnamese cities, dozens of military installations, and scores of towns and villages throughout South Vietnam.

4.What was the Tet Offensive?

The “Tet Offensive” was a major turning point of the Vietnam War. The North Vietnamese and Viet Cong staged a major offensive against South Vietnam.

5.What was the Tet Offensive?

The Tet Offensive – The Fighting: On January 21, 1968, an intense barrage of artillery hit Khe Sanh. This presaged a siege and battle that would last for seventy-seven days and would see 6,000 Marines hold off 20,000 North Vietnamese. Responding to the fighting, General William Westmoreland, commanding US and ARVN forces, directed reinforcements north as he was concerned the North Vietnamese …

6.What was the Tet Offensive?

Tet Offensive. The Tet Offensive was a series of surprise attacks by the Vietcong (rebel forces sponsored by North Vietnam) and North Vietnamese forces, on scores of cities, towns, and hamlets throughout South Vietnam. It was considered to be a turning point in the Vietnam War.

7.What was the Tet Offensive?

The Tet Offensive was one of the largest military operations of the Vietnam War, and became a key turning point in the conflict. The Tet Offensive was a surprise series of attacks launched during Tet, the Vietnamese New Year festival .

8.What was the Tet Offensive?

Thus began the Tet Offensive, in which thousands of communist-backed Viet Cong fighters waged a series of major assaults on big cities, provincial hamlets and regional capitals across U.S.-backed …

9.What was the Tet Offensive?

Not surprisingly, the Tet Offensive has been obsessively studied from an American perspective. But what about the North Vietnamese perspective? Historian Liên-Hang T. Nguyen looks into what is known about how North Vietnam’s ruling Vietnam Workers’ Party (VWP) conceptualized what they called the General Offensive and General Uprising.

The Tet Offensive: What Were They Thinking?

10.What was the Tet Offensive?

The Tet Offensive attack on the US Embassy took place on the early morning of 31 January 1968 when a 19-man Vietcong (VC) sapper team attempted to seize the US Embassy in Saigon at the start of the VC’s Tet Offensive.While the VC successfully penetrated the embassy compound, they were unable to enter the chancery building and were pinned down by security forces, with the lone survivor …

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1.Vietnam People’s Army

On 31 January the first Tet Offensive began by the National Liberation Front for South Vietnam in order to shift the invading army and regain control by the Vietnamese. A total of 39 encounters were recorded in this battle fought by brave Soldiers from the …

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3.In Your Opinion: President again degrades military with ‘hoax’ retweet

I am a retired naval officer. I was at Guantanamo Bay during the Cuban missile crisis. I was in Vietnam 1967-1968 (includes the Tet offensive). I don’t pretend that my

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1  Tet Offensive Documentary
Documentary of the Tet Offensive during the Vietnam War in 1968.
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2  How The Tet Offensive Changed The Vietnam War | History
Explore the timeline and context of the Tet Offensive, one of the largest military campaigns of the Vietnam War. Subscribe for more HISTORY: Newsletter: Website – Facebook – Twitter – HISTORY …
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1.Tet Offensive

The Tet Offensive (Vietnamese: Sự kiện Tết Mậu Thân 1968), or officially called The General Offensive and Uprising of Tet Mau Than 1968 (Vietnamese: Tổng…

2.May Offensive

PHASE II of the Tet Offensive of 1968 (also known as the May Offensive, Little Tet, and Mini-Tet) was launched by the People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN)…

3.Viet Cong

the Tet Offensive, a gigantic assault on more than 100 South Vietnamese urban centers in 1968, including an attack on the U.S. embassy in Saigon. The