What is a phanerogam?

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1.What is a phanerogam?

noun Botany. any of the Phanerogamia, a former primary division of plants comprising those having reproductive organs; a flowering plant or seed plant (opposed to cryptogam).

2.What is a phanerogam?

Step 1 : Introduction to the question “What is a phanerogam?…Simply put, phanerogams are plants that produce seeds. These are the most advanced plants on the evolutionary scale. Phanerogams used to go by the name spermatophytes.

3.What is a phanerogam?

Phanerogam definition is – a seed plant or flowering plant : spermatophyte.

4.What is a phanerogam?

Phanerogams (Phanerogamae) Phanerogams are seed bearing plants. These are most advanced plants. The word Phanerogams (or Phanerogamae) is made up of two Greek words “ FANEROS ” which means evident and “ GAMOS ” which means marriage.

Phanerogams (Phanerogamae)

5.What is a phanerogam?

Mid 19th century from French phanérogame, from Greek phaneros ‘visible’ + gamos ‘marriage’.

6.What is a phanerogam?

The coastal area of Torre Guaceto is characterised by peculiar prairies of marine phanerogams.This vegetation is dominated by Posidonia oceanica and plays a primary role in stabilizing the seabed.

7.What is a phanerogam?

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8.What is a phanerogam?

Phanerogams are a highly-evolved division of the kingdom Plantae and unlike Cryptogams, they reproduce by seeds. They have a highly exposed reproductive system and they have distinct root, stem and leaves. The name Phanerogamae is derived from the Greek word ‘phaneros’ which means “visible”, hence the exposed organs.

9.What is a phanerogam?

Cryptogams and phanerogams are two sub-kingdoms of the kingdom Plantae. This classification system was introduced by A. W. Eichler in 1883. The main difference between cryptogams and phanerogams is that Cryptogams consist of seedless plants whereas phanerogams consist of seed-bearing plants.

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and algae, and sometimes fungi (including lichenized fungi). Compare phanerogam. cucullate Hood-like or hooded, commonly referring to the shape of leaves…


underlying genus Read before the Linnean Society in 1825, published in 1826 Phanerogam, or seed plant, indicating visible sexual organs, and gymnosperm indicating…