What happened to valkyrae

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1.What happened to valkyrae

Valkyrae also nicknamed the “Queen of YouTube” is fighting a huge backlash against her newly launched RFLCT skincare line after people have accused her products of being ineffective despite their claim. It’s being called the “Valkyrae Controversy” and the entrepreneur is fighting on all fronts to establish her and her products’ credibility.

The “Valkyrae Controversy”: What Happened to Entrepreneur Valkyrae? Why is the YouTuber’s New Skincare Line RFLCT Facing a Backlash?

2.What happened to valkyrae

While there is a lot of discussions about what happened, it is unclear whether the site is temporarily down or the contract between Valkyrae and RFLCT has been severed. Users believe that she found a way to get out of the contract.

3.What happened to valkyrae

YouTube streaming star Valkyrae launches skin care line to controversy, ethical questions. The RFLCT fiasco, initially an attempt on audiences’ part at seeking accountability from a …

4.What happened to valkyrae

Content creator Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter is facing criticism over a line of gamer-focused skincare products called Rflct that promise to “protect against and repair blue light damage&quot …

5.What happened to valkyrae

Valkyrae is a famous gamer/streamer/influencer on YouTube who recently launched a skincare brand (RFLCT) – creating skincare products meant to combat the dam…

6.What happened to valkyrae

Valkyrae has faced backlash regarding the endorsement of RFLCT from other Twitch streamers and viewers alike. Valkyrae was in the midst of controversy prior to Atrioc accidentally leaking the …

7.What happened to valkyrae

Valkyrae launched the skincare line in October 2021. YouTube star Rachell’ Valkyrae’ Hofstetter came under fire after announcing the launch of her new skincare line, RFLCT, on October 19, 2021. The social media creator took to Twitter to reveal she had been working on the project for two long years. “I can’t stop crying.

8.What happened to valkyrae

Valkyrae clears up the situation what happened with Jack where it seemed like she was shading him Credits to Corpse Corpse Husband: @Corpse Husband Credits…

9.What happened to valkyrae

What happened to Valkyrae? Twitter comes out in support of the YouTube star Valkyrae had addressed the growing toxicity in her chat cause it had become a frequent occurrence in the recent past.

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1.Valkyrae-cofounded skin care brand RFLCT closes down amid controversy

A lineup of cosmetic products under the RFLCT brand is no more following scrutiny and criticism over promised claim. Rachell Hoftstetter, or Valkyrae, has made

Published Date: 2021-11-02T01:16:00.0000000Z

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account with Jimmy Fallon, Questlove, Tariq Trotter, Kirk Douglas, Sykkuno, Valkyrae, Corpse Husband, and his Stranger Things co-star, Noah Schnapp, with proceeds…


In 2020, Rose began to stream and post videos of her playing Among Us with many other streamers and celebrities including Valkyrae, Disguised Toast, dakotaz…

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