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1.What happened to the Bella Twins mom?

Kathy Laurinaitis (née Kathy Colace), The Bella Twins’ mom, underwent major surgery on June 30, 2020, after the doctors found a blueberry-sized tumor on her brain stem. The operation was successful, and she was discharged from the hospital shortly afterward.

2.What happened to the Bella Twins mom?

What happened to the Bella Twins mom? Kathy was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy in February last year. It is a condition that refers to weakness or paralysis which affects one side of the face. The report added that it tends to develop in under two days and in most cases improves after around nine months. However, Kathy’s symptoms turned worse …

3.What happened to the Bella Twins mom?

Nikki Bella is thanking fans and followers after revealing her mother would be undergoing brain surgery. “Mama Bella had a very successful surgery! Can’t thank you all enough for your prayers,…

4.What happened to the Bella Twins mom?

The Bella Twins’ mom Kathy Laurinaitis (née Colace) is currently married to John Hodger Laurinaitis, also known as Johnny Ace. He’s a senior producer and retired professional wrestler in the WWE. During his career, he took part in promotional events for World Championship Wrestling and All Japan Pro Wrestling.

5.What happened to the Bella Twins mom?

Last week, the Bella Twins took to social media and revealed that the Total Bellas matriarch underwent a major medical procedure for a ” mass on her brain stem.” “Four months ago, our mother was…

6.What happened to the Bella Twins mom?

Nikki and Brie Bella have shared an update on the health of their mother, Kathy Colace, who is recovering from surgery to remove a mass on her brain stem. The pregnant twins assured fans that Kathy…

7.What happened to the Bella Twins mom?

A concerning health update. Today, Jun. 30, Brie Bella and Nikki Bella took to social media and revealed mom, Kathy Colace was undergoing a major medical procedure. Specifically, per the Bella…

8.What happened to the Bella Twins mom?

Nikki and Brie Bella ‘s mom is on the mend after undergoing brain surgery. The Total Bellas stars updated fans on their mother Kathy Colace Laurinaitis’ condition after she had surgery to remove a…

9.What happened to the Bella Twins mom?

Brie and Nikki Bella took to Instagram to let fans know how their mom Kathy is doing after undergoing brain surgery. Brie took to Instagram Stories, with Nikki by her side, to tell followers, “The…

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1.What Happened To The Bella Twins Mom? Details About Kathy Laurinaitis’ Surgery

Nikki and Brie Bella’s mother Kathy Laurinaitis had undergone a major brain surgery last year. Read more to know what happened to the Bella Twins mom.

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2.Total Bellas: Nikki Bella goes into labor as twin sister Brie records the moment her water breaks

Her twin sister Brie had been filming the visit but the camera was off when it happened, which left a shocked Brie floundering around for it, and uttering ‘S***!’ In labor: Nikki Bella went into labor with her son Matteo on Thursday’s episode of Total Bellas ‘Oh my God,

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