what happened to marc farzetta?

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1.what happened to marc farzetta?

Marc Farzetta (@MarcFarzetta) December 2, 2020. A stationwide email was sent out earlier this evening, announcing the decision. We at Crossing Broad are fairly certain that John Kincade will be Marc’s replacement.


2.what happened to marc farzetta?

Marc Farzetta (@MarcFarzetta) December 2, 2020 It’s unclear why the station suddenly cut ties with Farzetta, who did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Farzetta’s former cohost, ex-Eagles offensive lineman William “Tra” Thomas, was laid off back in March as part of cutbacks due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, which has severely hurt media companies …


3.what happened to marc farzetta?

“It’s a shame how this happened, but to Angelo, Marc’s dead.” According to those close to Farzetta, what triggered the schism was the move to NBC and not filling in for Cataldi in July.


4.what happened to marc farzetta?

Farzetta was last heard on WIP on July 15, just minutes before his wedding. Marc Farzetta‘s absence from WIP explained, ESPN’s Jason Witten needs more practice Home


5.what happened to marc farzetta?

Farzetta, among WIP’s most-recognized personalities, has been a part of Angelo Cataldi’s popular morning radio show in one form or another since he graduated from Temple in 2005. But he’s been noticeably absent from WIP since July 15, when he called in to the morning show from Siena, Italy, 10 minutes before his wedding to his longtime girlfriend Celeste.


6.what happened to marc farzetta?

But according to Cataldi, there’s really one person fans can thank for keeping him on their air this time around: Marc Farzetta, a former colleague who left WIP in 2018 to host the morning show on rival 97.5 The Fanatic.


7.what happened to marc farzetta?

Sources inside the sound box industry inform me that Marc Farzetta, who reportedly told his 94 WIP colleagues earlier this year that he was leaving the station to focus on his role at NBC Sports, will be joining 97.5 and work in the mornings, going right up against his mentor, Angelo Cataldi.


8.what happened to marc farzetta?

I called Marc Farzetta on WIP three years ago – late at night. First Time in Years First time I called the radio station in years. But I’d been listening to Marc for a while and liked his style. Back then, he was working on Sunday nights – with an occasional fill-in here and there. I couldn’t figure out why he didn’t get more shifts, because he was better than quite a few regulars.