What happened to breana on ncis?

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1.What happened to breana on ncis?

Tonight’s episode of NCIS was a shocking one, and we had to say goodbye to a special character. Considering this season of NCIS takes place during COVID-19, the following events are extremely tragic, but many of us had a feeling that there’d be a casualty. COVID has been the invisible big bad in many shows like NCIS, so it was bound to take down at least one character.

2.What happened to breana on ncis?

NCIS season 18 episode 7 chose to address the pandemic for the first time all season — and it happened in an emotional way for Jimmy Palmer. In the opening minutes of the episode, it was revealed that Palmer’s wife Breena died, seemingly as a result of the virus.

NCIS season 18 episode 7: Did Jimmy Palmer’s wife Breena die?

3.What happened to breana on ncis?

Portrayed by: Michelle Pierce First Appearance Last Appearance List of Appearances Breena Palmer(née Slater) is a mortician and is the girlfriend and later wife of NCIS Medical Examiner, James Palmer. She is also the daughter of Ed Slater, sister of Stevie Slater and mother of Victoria Elizabeth Palmer. 1 Biography 1.1 Pre-Series 1.2 NCIS Season 7 1.3 NCIS Season 8 1.4 NCIS Season 9 1.5 NCIS …

4.What happened to breana on ncis?

NCIS had spent the first five episodes of Season 18 in the “past,” by flashing back to a period of time from last season (the winter of 2019-20), during which Gibbs embarked on a secret …

NCIS Shocker: Who Died During the Time Jump to Pandemic Times? Plus, Who Is Leaving the Team?

5.What happened to breana on ncis?

NCIS fans were met with shocking news ahead of today’s new episode. In a preview, it was revealed that an NCIS team member has lost their partner to COVID-19. The Feb. 9 episode will cover the …

6.What happened to breana on ncis?

Tuesday’s episode of NCIS fast-forwarded to the pandemic, and revealed that one member of the team was hit especially hard by COVID-19.Jimmy Palmer suffered a devastating loss when his wife …

7.What happened to breana on ncis?

Michelle Pierce, Actress: Transformers. Michelle Pierce is an actress, known for Transformers (2007), NCIS (2003) and Casting Couch (2013).

8.What happened to breana on ncis?

A lot has happened on the American police procedural series, NCIS, over the past couple of weeks. One of the biggest bummers for all the ardent fans of the long-running show was when McGee (Sean Murray) was shot by Gibbs (Mark Harmon). Although the viewers finally know the reason behind the shooting …

9.What happened to breana on ncis?

After 16 seasons, NCIS has lost many beloved cast members. Here is a breakdown of why each major character left. Grab your gear, and read this rundown of NCIS’s history of major cast departures.

10.What happened to breana on ncis?

The NCIS: New Orleans world was forever changed when Christopher Lasalle, played by Lucas Black, was killed in season 6.. Lucas, 36, was one of the original cast members on the popular NCIS spinoff, and fans were absolutely shocked when Lasalle was shot while trying to avenge his brother’s death in the episode “Matthew 5:9.” Some even went so far as to say the series was “ruined” now …

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LA Season 12, Episode 10, Kam Hanna is going to be abducted. Maybe the bad guys just don’t know that this is the daughter of former Navy SEAL and current NCIS Agent Sam Hanna? If they don’t know yet,

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12, Episode 10 preview: Sam Hanna’s daughter abducted

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