What Happened to “Big Mike” Martone From ‘Unpolished’?

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1.What Happened to “Big Mike” Martone From ‘Unpolished’?

While Season 1 of Unpolished showcased the Martone family drama and the regular throes of running a business, Season 2 will be quite different.In addition to detailing the pandemic shutdowns and safety precautions, one larger-than-life personality will be missing: “Big Mike” Martone.

2.What Happened to “Big Mike” Martone From ‘Unpolished’?

So, nobody can say with any certainty what happened with Big Mike Martone from Unpolished. No doubt, if the family wants people to know what took their beloved dad and husband away, they’ll reveal it in time. Answers may come during Season 2 of Unpolished, which premieres on TLC on January 12, 2021.

3.What Happened to “Big Mike” Martone From ‘Unpolished’?

Fans of TLC’s ‘Unpolished’ received some heartbreaking news from the show’s star, Bri Martone back in May 2020 when she took to Instagram to announce that her father Big Mike Martone had passed away. Now, during the Season 2 premiere of the show, the family opens up about their loss and how they wished that they had more time.

4.What Happened to “Big Mike” Martone From ‘Unpolished’?

Big Mike Martone has passed away. His daughter Bria posted a tribute to him on Instagram last night, announcing the news. TLC viewers may recognize him as the dad from Unpolished. He was married to…

5.What Happened to “Big Mike” Martone From ‘Unpolished’?

The stars of TLC’s Unpolished are opening up for the first time about the death of Big Mike Martone. Big Mike was dad to Bria and Lexi Martone, who operate a Long Island-based beauty salon, Salon …

6.What Happened to “Big Mike” Martone From ‘Unpolished’?

Big Mike Martone, Unpolished TLC Unpolished star Mike Martone (father of Lexi Martone and Bria Martone) passed away last night. Lexi Martone’s father, affectionately known to all as “Big Mike” had a heart of gold according to all that knew him. Now his wife Jennifer Martone and his daughters plan to say their final goodbyes.

7.What Happened to “Big Mike” Martone From ‘Unpolished’?

The Martone family opened up about their loss in the season premiere of ‘Unpolished’ as they spoke about Big Mike’s death. Here a look at Big Mike’s cause of death. Big Mike Martone won many hearts when he appeared on Season 1 of the show. However, Season 2 came with a shock as people found out about his death.

What was Unpolished’s Big Mike’s cause of death? Martone family opens up about the loss

8.What Happened to “Big Mike” Martone From ‘Unpolished’?

The unpolished fans of TLC want to know who “Big Mike” Martone is. While the show is all about the ladies who own and run chic Long Island Salon Martone, the father is starting to get attention. Sisters Lexi Martone and Bria Martone launched the salon 5 years ago. Bria does her hair and makeup and Lexi makes incredible nail art.

Unpolished: Who Is “Big Mike” Martone? The Man Behind The Madness

9.What Happened to “Big Mike” Martone From ‘Unpolished’?

Mike “Big Mike Martone is no stranger to running a successful business. The Unpolished patriarch has owned a Queens plumbing company since 1983. Lexi admits that comparing Big Mike to Tony Soprano is inevitable, Mike is completely legit. A public records search shows that he’s as law abiding as they come.

10.What Happened to “Big Mike” Martone From ‘Unpolished’?

With Big Mike’s passing, everything will fall onto Jennifer. A lot is going to happen during Season 2 of Unpolished and all of the big things in 2020 for the Martone family were caught on camera.

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1.‘Unpolished’ Star Big Mike Martone Passed Away in May of 2020

What happened to “Big Mike” Martone from ‘Unpolished’? The larger-than-life personality was featured on Season 1 of the TLC show. He died in 2020.

Published Date: 2021-01-12T17:36:00.0000000Z

2.‘Unpolished’: How did Big Mike Martone die? Wife Jennifer regrets not letting daughters meet him due to Covid-19

Sisters Bri and Lexi, along with their mother Jennifer, talk about the tragic death of the family patriarch, Big Mike Martone

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