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1.We’re wandering down a path in the Presidio. Where’s that?

San Francisco. 8 Hidden Gems in San Francisco (and where to find them) My bucket list for San Francisco keeps growing and growing. We’ve covered all the usual spots: Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz, Lombard Street.This time around, we were ready to dig a little deeper!

8 Hidden Gems in San Francisco (and where to find them)

2.We’re wandering down a path in the Presidio. Where’s that?

This popular beach in the Presidio, welcoming to man and canine, is another spot get the best view of Golden gate bridge which is only 1.3 miles away.You can either hike through the coastal trail from the immigration lookout point and get to the beach or walk down the batteries to bluff trail and make a left, to be greeted by a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate bridge.

Best View of the Golden Gate Bridge: A local’s guide to Top 4 lookout points

3.We’re wandering down a path in the Presidio. Where’s that?

North Beach. No one in San Francisco calls North Beach “Little Italy,” but it’s probably the best way to describe this touristy part of town that is known for its Italian roots, being the …

4.We’re wandering down a path in the Presidio. Where’s that?

Sure enough, just as Rob had explained, the Presidio de San Saba was a short hop down 190 (the same highway to Fort McKavett) slightly southwest of Menard, TX.The Presidio sits right next to the San Saba river, which, by the way, was filled with water due to recent hard rains in Texas.Being a Sunday, the offices to the Presidio were closed.

5.We’re wandering down a path in the Presidio. Where’s that?

If you’re up for a challenge, bike rentals are available down around the wharf and Presidio. It’s a tough climb up to the Golden Gate Bridge, but you might think it’s worth it. There is a car-free bike path through the National Park area and across the Golden Gate Bridge, so feel confident that you can experience the GGB safely.

Best SF Bay Area National Parks For A Special Visit

6.We’re wandering down a path in the Presidio. Where’s that?

As we were walking down one path I wondered out loud who maintained the paths. It wasn’t long before we ran into “Joe Cool” with his broom, taking care of business. I found myself pulling my camera out every few steps being amazed at the gardens, architecture and interesting details, for example the sign that read “Beware of Dog …

7.We’re wandering down a path in the Presidio. Where’s that?

You can spend your days here at the playpark, cycling the bike path, stopping to take in chilled performances from drum circles or local football games. As an alternative to the western end of the beach (West Beach), this part is more laid-back and less touristed, being a little further from the centre of town.

Where to Stay in Santa Barbara (2021 • COOLEST Areas!)

8.We’re wandering down a path in the Presidio. Where’s that?

We’re all familiar with the story of Joe D. Grinder, right? Joe the Grinder was a fictional ladies’ man who seduced the wives of hard-working men, prisoners, and soldiers while the husbands were away. The character dates back to the 1930s, and is a staple of the military where he’s known as “Jody.”

This is the injury that Jodies everywhere should fear

9.We’re wandering down a path in the Presidio. Where’s that?

When we’re off grid, a lot of fruits and vegetables won’t keep well, so we end up eating more canned food than we’re used to. We try to binge on healthier food when we’re in town. We still eat rice and broccoli and eggs and chicken (me) and tuna (Jo), etc. but not as strictly as we did back in Austin.

10.We’re wandering down a path in the Presidio. Where’s that?

We’re having ‘Why I moved from the East to San Francisco’ weather: sultry, hot, muggy, humid. Rare, startling at first and then summer memories come wafting back. Summer when there is no point fighting the weather, just slow down, lay back, feel your clothes clinging to you, listen to crickets, hope there will be a thunderstorm, feel the world around you teem.

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1.Roaming Charges: After/Math

The most predictable post-election event in American politics is when the leadership of the Democratic Party gathers together for a searing session of self-analysis, only to emerge a few minutes later with the firm conclusion that they haven’t moved far enough to the right and that all of their loses can be blamed on the socialist contagion from within.

Roaming Charges: After/Math

Published Date: 2020-11-13T09:07:00.0000000Z

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Wandering through the cobbled district of pubs, cafes, and souvenir shops; We start near Windsor Castle. Heading down the road towards the River Thames where Windsor turns into Eton, begins the Thames Path. Here we are greeted with birdsong and a familiar breeze through the varied trees along the waters edge. Finally in Datchet, we finish the …
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landmines that lay in the 442nd’s path. The entire 34th Division front encountered heavy resistance. "All along the 34th Infantry Division Front the Germans…

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through the woods, where his party was increased the following day by that of the artist, Jacques Le Moyne. Wandering along one of the forest paths with…

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