We have ‘work-life balance’ wrong

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1.We have ‘work-life balance’ wrong

Traditionally, we view reaching a good work-life balance as hitting a goal. But it may be more of a moving target than we realise. Few topics have been so endlessly analysed, glorified and …

2.We have ‘work-life balance’ wrong

According to author Beat Bühlmann, work/life balance assumes that a good life requires a careful balance between these two worlds; as if what you do for a living is something totally separate from…

3.We have ‘work-life balance’ wrong

In that case, is work-life balance is the right aspiration for a fulfilling life? This suggestion of work-life balance is based on the assumption that work is bad, life is good; spend more time on life and less time on work and you will have a happy life. That is the wrong assumption. Let me make a case for work. Work is a major part of our lives.

Work-life balance – have we got it all wrong?

4.We have ‘work-life balance’ wrong

While anyone can get the work-life balance wrong, those who run their own businesses or have demanding jobs are even more susceptible to letting work creep too far into their personal lives. Without the time and focus to restore order, that imbalance can easily lead to stress, dysfunction, relationship friction, or total burnout.

5.We have ‘work-life balance’ wrong

There are times in your life that you’re not going to have balance, and that’s okay. I’ve made some very conscious choices not to.” Howe, the president and COO of Ticketmaster North America, joined the company in 2015 after more than 14 years working as a business consultant at McKinsey.

Are we thinking about work-life balance the wrong way?

6.We have ‘work-life balance’ wrong

How Easily We Get Work Life Balance Wrong. … This post is the fourth in a series looking at Work Life Balance. I’m sure you have all heard this story before, but like all good parables its worth sharing again. I first heard this when attending a Tony Robbins workshop in London many years ago.

How Easily We Get Work Life Balance Wrong

7.We have ‘work-life balance’ wrong

Have we been getting worklife balance wrong all along? Covid-19 has changed the way society works. Sandra Da Silva-Creasey considers the long-term implications for our work-life balance. Sandra Da Silva-Creasey. Pink Spaghetti PA Services. A little over 10 weeks ago we were forced to press pause.

Have we been getting worklife balance wrong all along?

8.We have ‘work-life balance’ wrong

The Problem with Work/Life Balance Jan 24, 2019. By AMA Staff. Everyone talks about the importance of achieving the elusive work/life balance. But in my opinion, trying to find perfect balance is a pipe dream—a wasted effort. In today’s fast-paced workplace, most of us are urged to do more, faster, and with fewer resources.

9.We have ‘work-life balance’ wrong

The problem is, “work-life” balance, when you consider what it was intended to mean, almost sounds like it was invented by a man because it suggests we can have careers, babies, and a clean house if we just prioritize and work harder at “balancing” our lives.

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1.Why it’s wrong to look at work-life balance as an achievement

Traditionally, we view reaching a good work-life balance as hitting a goal. But it may be more of a moving target than we realise.

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1  Work-Life Balance vs. Work-Life Harmony: Dr. Samra Explains Why We Should Be Striving for Harmony
For years we’ve been told to strive for work-life balance. But with modern-day work environments, the global economy, and advances in technology, we are working more hours than ever – making it increasingly difficult to achieve balance. In this video, Dr. Joti Samra will talk about changing our way of thinking from one of work-life balance to …
Watch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QlLqQN9-3I

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