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Where To Find Turffield Treasure Riddle In Pokemon Sword ...
Where To Find Turffield Treasure Riddle In Pokemon Sword ...
Turffield Treasure Riddle for Pokemon Sword & Shield ...

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In Turffield, the first town in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield with a Gym, there’s a secret treasure hidden somewhere.. To find it, you need to solve a cryptic riddle. Here’s how to solve …


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Turffield Riddle Hidden Treasure is a Side Quest in Pokemon Sword and Shield that takes place in Turffield.Here’s how to unlock it, hints on how to solve it, the full solution, and the reward it …


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Turffield riddle solution: how to solve the puzzle and find the buried treasure in Pokémon Sword and Shield. The solution to the Turffield riddle is surprisingly simple – once you get it.


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Pokemon Sword and Shield Turffield riddle (Image credit: Nintendo) In order to find the girl who tells you the riddle, head to the west side of the town and you’ll see her stood by an archway …


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In Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Turffield town, there’s a puzzle to be solved. It’s a simple riddle, but could trip you up. Here’s how to solve it and grab the treasure.


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The Turffield Riddle. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Turffield is located at the intersection of Routes 4 and 5, just north of the Galar Mines.


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Pokemon Sword and Shield Turffield Riddle Puzzle Solution. If you happen to solve the Turffield puzzle; you will be rewarded, but if you are a little confused as to where you need to go, …


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Everything you need to solve the Turffield Stones riddle and unlock a special treasure in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Josh Hawkins November 20, 2019 9:20 AM


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A little girl in Turffield has a riddle that leads to some treasure. This guide tells you Where To Find Turffield Treasure Riddle In Pokemon Sword & Shield so you can answer the riddle, figure out the clues, and claim yourself the reward of an Expert Belt. On the left side of town, near the photograph attraction, there is a small girl.