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1.Tomato Is Also Known As Love Apple Unanswered

But at this time, there were Moors in Spain, and they took the tomato back to Morocco, where they called it pomi dei mori, or “apple of the Moors.” When the French got hold of the tomato, they called it “pommes d’amour,” or apples of love.

2.Tomato Is Also Known As Love Apple Unanswered

You Say Tomato, I Say ‘Love Apple’ The French used to call them pommes d’amour: apples of love.And essayist Diane Roberts says there’s nothing better — or more dangerous — than a red, ripe tomato.

3.Tomato Is Also Known As Love Apple Unanswered

TOMATOES: HISTORY OF THE LOVE APPLE The French call it ‘pomme d’amour’ (love apple), Italian ‘pomodoro’ (golden apple), the Aztecs ‘tomatl’, but in English, it is simply tomato. Botanically, the tomato is a fruit (actually a berry), but for all practical purposes, at least in North America and Europe, cooks use it as a vegetable.

4.Tomato Is Also Known As Love Apple Unanswered

Known as “pomodoro” by the Italians, which means golden apple, tomatoes are also called “pommes d’amour” in French means love apple. Tomatoes come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from green and purple to yellow and crimson red. There are many varieties; some that are better for eating raw and some that are at their best when cooked.

5.Tomato Is Also Known As Love Apple Unanswered

A tomato moniker that originated in the 16th century when tomatoes from North Africa were known in Italy as pomo dei Mori, “apples of the Moors.” That was transliterated to the French pomme…

6.Tomato Is Also Known As Love Apple Unanswered

The tomato is the edible berry of the plant Solanum lycopersicum, commonly known as a tomato plant. The species originated in western South America and Central America. The Nahuatl (the language used by the Aztecs) word tomatl gave rise to the Spanish word tomate, from which the English word tomato derived. Its domestication and use as a cultivated food may have originated with the indigenous …

7.Tomato Is Also Known As Love Apple Unanswered

You say tomato, I say love apple. Andrew Adams / Prince George Citizen. March 11, 2016 10:43 PM … so in this article I shall write about the love apple. The love apple, also known as a tomato …

8.Tomato Is Also Known As Love Apple Unanswered

By Heidi Lewis on April 18, 2019 The French called the tomato the pomme d’amour, or the Love Apple, for their belief that the exotic tomato had aphrodisiac powers. Tomatoes might not be responsible for romance in people, but eating tomatoes does seem to spark a lust for more tomatoes.

9.Tomato Is Also Known As Love Apple Unanswered

Tomatoes, also known as love apples, once were considered an aphrodisiac in Europe. Their other name, wolf peach, refers to the tomato’s shapely beauty and alleged toxicity.

10.Tomato Is Also Known As Love Apple Unanswered

Because of the color, an Italian botanist called it pomo d’oro, “golden apple.” The tomato was also known as “love apple” and was used principally as a decorative plant. Because the tomato belongs to the nightshade family, many people refused to take a chance by eating the fruit. The leaves are poisonous.

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