The True Lies TV Series That Almost Happened

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1.The True Lies TV Series That Almost Happened

James Cameron is revisiting “True Lies.” Fox has given a put pilot commitment to a TV reboot of the 1994 action film, with Cameron and McG executive producing the update.

‘True Lies’ TV Reboot With James Cameron, McG Lands at Fox

2.The True Lies TV Series That Almost Happened

Television series based off of the 1994 film of the same name.

3.The True Lies TV Series That Almost Happened

‘True Lies’ TV Series Coming To Disney+ by Jai Howlett about a year ago It does seem as if Disney is gunning for James Cameron in all aspects recently as it has been announced that his classic 1994 action comedy movie True Lies is being revived 25 years later by McG on Disney+.

‘True Lies’ TV Series Coming To Disney+

4.The True Lies TV Series That Almost Happened

The ‘Fantasia 3’ That Never Happened: Why Disney Cancelled a Second Sequel Fox Working on ‘True Lies’ TV Series with James Cameron and Marc Guggenheim by Matt Goldberg September 15, 2017

5.The True Lies TV Series That Almost Happened

McG, director of the Charlie’s Angels films, Terminator: Salvation and more, is set to turn James Cameron’s 1994 action-comedy True Lies into a TV series for Disney+. Yes, really. While a True …

6.The True Lies TV Series That Almost Happened

(the DVD was made for widescreen *on 4:3 TVs*, which means it has black bars on four sides & has to be zoomed in with your tv’s aspect settings, & thus looks even worse.) i believe the audio is from the laserdisc version. there’s no official blu ray yet because, from what i can discern, james cameron simply has other priorities.

7.The True Lies TV Series That Almost Happened

Borrowing liberally from the French film La Totale, this is an action picture, domestic comedy, and political thriller rolled into a crowd-pleasing ball of entertainment. Producer James Cameron …

8.The True Lies TV Series That Almost Happened

True Lies has some things going for it. OK, really one thing and that thing is the scene of Jamie Lee Curtis as a once meek housewife stripping for someone she thinks is an arms dealer—but turns …

9.The True Lies TV Series That Almost Happened

The closest we seemed to get to more True Lies was when the possibility of a spin-off TV series bubbled up, back in September 2010. As Deadline reported, James Cameron was involved, was adapting…

Why True Lies 2 Never Happened

10.The True Lies TV Series That Almost Happened

True Lies is a 1994 American action comedy film written and directed by James Cameron.It was executive produced by Lawrence Kasanoff and stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Arnold, Art Malik, Tia Carrere, Bill Paxton, Eliza Dushku, Grant Heslov and Charlton Heston.It is based on the 1991 French comedy film La Totale! The film follows U.S. government agent Harry Tasker …

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1  True Lies TV Show in the Works at Disney+ with McG
Collider Live guest McG announces his television reboot of “True Lies” is moving to Disney+, and talks about his connection to James Cameron. Full Episode: #TrueLies #ArnoldSchwarzenegger #ColliderLive What are you waiting for? Subscribe to Collider Twitter: …
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