Tap into changing viewing habits to connect with fans 
With the Super Bowl matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers kicking off this weekend, sports marketing will be top of mind for most industry players. Not everyone has the budget to spend big on the big game, but the good news is that more than ever before, fans are seeking out media that provides access to their favorite teams and athletes. 

Increasingly, fans are turning to YouTube to get their sports fix — streaming highlights, nostalgic games, and content from their favorite athletes. Seventy-nine percent of viewers say the platform has sports content that can’t be found anywhere else. 

Brands are taking advantage of this trend, creating content beyond what’s traditionally shown on TV. As linear TV viewership continues to decline, Hershey’s is just one of the brands looking to digital platforms to replace the reach it needs to grow. For the 2020 Super Bowl, for example, its Reese’s Take 5 brand needed to expand the reach and frequency of its big game campaign, so it looked to YouTube.

A mix of ad formats, including YouTube TV and Home feed ads, ensured Reese’s Take 5 message ran across all screens where fans were engaged. The Super Bowl campaign became the most efficient digital video campaign for The Hershey Company, gaining 24% incremental reach among their key audience of adults ages 18 to 34 and delivering a high ROI.

Traditional marketers aren’t the only ones expanding the scope of sports marketing. Sports media brand Overtime is creating on- and off-court content to broaden its audience. Even athletes are getting in on the action. Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. and his wife, Kianna Pittman, started their YouTube channel while undergrads at USC to help fans see beyond the uniform.

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