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1.Saffron Crocus was First Domesticated in Ancient Greece

In a review paper published in the journal Frontiers in Plant Science, researchers followed ancient arts and recent genetics to trace the evolutionary origin of the saffron crocus (Crocus sativus), a triploid flower crop and source of the spice and colorant saffron.

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Crocus (/ˈkroʊkəs/; plural: crocuses or croci) is a genus of seasonal flowering plants in the family Iridaceae (iris family) comprising about 100 species…


CROCUS is a research reactor at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, a research institute and university in Lausanne, Switzerland. The uranium nuclear…

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Crocus (/ ˈ k r oʊ k ə s /; plural: crocuses or croci) is a genus of seasonal flowering plants in the family Iridaceae (iris family) comprising about 100 species of perennials growing from corms.They are low growing plants, whose flower stems remain underground, that bear relatively large white, yellow, orange or purple flowers and then become dormant after flowering.


A low-growing plant with a corm, the crocus belongs to the iris family. There are about 75 species of crocus. They are native to the Alps, southern Europe, and the Mediterranean and are widely grown for their cuplike blooms in early spring or fall.


Crocus is a doctor and the caretaker of the whale Laboon as well as the overseer of the Twin Cape Lighthouse that guides ships coming down from Reverse Mountain into the Grand Line. Though he was a lighthouse keeper for most of his life, he spent three years as a doctor serving as a part of Gol D. Roger ‘s crew.


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Crocus sativus (L.) is a perennial plant classified under the genus Crocus. It belongs to the family Iridaceae of the order Asparagales. It is also known as kesar or zafran in Hindi and zafrah in Arabic and Persian ( Katariya et al., 2011 ). Saffron has been cultivated in various parts of the world for more than 4000 years.


Crocus (クロッカス Kurokkasu ), widely known as the Flower Blooming Capital (花咲く都 Hanasku Miyako ), is the capital of the Kingdom of Fiore . Description Crocus is the capital of Fiore and the city where the king lives. It is also the place where the Grand Magic Games take place.


In Classical mythology, Crocus ( Ancient Greek: Κρόκος, Krókos) was a mortal youth who was changed by the gods into a saffron flower. Contents 1 Mythology 2 See also 3 Notes 4 References 5 External links Mythology


This list of Crocus species shows the accepted species names within the genus Crocus, which are predominantly spring perennial plants in the Iridaceae (iris) family. The list of species is arranged by section. Estimates of the number of species in Crocus have varied widely, from anywhere between 80 to 160, even in the modern era.


A happy and beautiful Crocus! Many, perhaps, from so simple a flower, This little lesson may borrow, Patient today, through its gloomiest hour, We come out the brighter tomorrow. From this poem, I would associate the Crocus with hope. Emily Dickinson’s poem: The feet of people walking home With gayer sandals go-The Crocus-till she rises


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