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1.soulcycle instructors quitting

Several longtime SoulCycle instructors have quit in recent weeks, accusing the company of using its instructors of color as marketing materials in place of a real commitment to racial justice.

2.soulcycle instructors quitting

Three longtime SoulCycle instructors quit while slamming the fitness brand for remaining ‘silent’ on BLM, claiming it is ‘supporting racism and bigotry’, and ‘prioritizing profit over people’

3.soulcycle instructors quitting

Three longtime SoulCycle instructors quit while publicly slamming the fitness brand for ‘supporting racism and bigotry’ and ‘prioritizing profit over people’ Soeuraya Wilson, who worked for the company for six years, teaching in both Miami and New York, publicly revealed she had quit on July 15 One week later, two other instructors – Tina Jackson, […]

4.soulcycle instructors quitting

Accusations: Three longtime SoulCycle instructors – including Soeuraya Wilson (pictured) – have publicly quit the company, while accusing it of ‘supporting racism and bigotry’ Following suit: One week after Soeuraya resigned, Mary Kate Hurlbutt (left) and Tina Jackson (right) revealed that they had also quit, while making similar accusations against the company

5.soulcycle instructors quitting

The complaint was filed soon after two instructors quit because of concerns about inclusion at SoulCycle, which has described itself as having an “immersive culture of inspiration and …

6.soulcycle instructors quitting

SoulCycle is known for its cult-like following centered around its influential instructors, many of whom have their own massive social media followings. Multiple SoulCycle instructors and riders commended Wilson on her Instagram post. Wilson, who has more than 12,000 Instagram followers, declined to comment for this story.

SoulCycle instructor Soeuraya Wilson quits saying her image was ‘used’

7.soulcycle instructors quitting

SoulCycle CEO Melanie Whelan was pushed out of the company in 2019 after expensing $5,100 worth of Christian Dior bags, former employees said. Insiders say there is a culture war between SoulCycle and its owner, Equinox, which pushed the company to over-expand, leading to empty studios and disgruntled instructors.

Inside the drama of a CEO coup and company culture war at SoulCycle – Business Insider

8.soulcycle instructors quitting

Some of SoulCycle’s top instructors have been accused of behavior that includes discriminating against a pregnant woman, fat-shaming employees, using homophobic and racist language, and sleeping with riders. Insiders said a top instructor, Conor Kelly, texted nude pictures of himself to riders and had his hours reduced at a Connecticut studio.

SoulCycles favorite instructors accused of sexual impropriety, discrimination – Business Insider

9.soulcycle instructors quitting

Four top instructors at SoulCycle have been accused of fat-shaming front desk staff, sending nude images to clients and using homophobic and racist slurs in bombshell claims from former staff.

10.soulcycle instructors quitting

SoulCycle has revolutionized indoor cycling and taken the world of fitness by storm. 45 minutes to take your journey. Change your body. Find your SOUL.

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