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1.Pope releases long-awaited reform of Vatican bureaucracy

As per the new constitution, any baptized lay Catholic, including women, can head any Vatican department.

Published Date: 2022-03-19T11:39:36.0000000Z

2.Pope rules any baptized lay Catholic, including women, can head Vatican departments

Pope Francis has issued a new constitution for the Vatican’s central administration, known as the Curia, stating that any baptized lay Catholic, including women, can head any Vatican department. Most Vatican departments have been headed by male clerics,

Published Date: 2022-03-19T11:41:00.0000000Z

3.Pope Francis Vatican

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1.Pope Francis

head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State since 2013. Francis is the first pope to be a member of the Society of Jesus, the first…

2.List of pastoral visits of Pope Francis

This is a list of pastoral visits of Pope Francis. His visit to the Philippines in January 2015 included the largest papal event in history with around…

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1.Pope Francis Vatican

On Wednesday at the end of his general audience in the Vatican, Pope Francis called on believers and nonbelievers to pray and fast for peace in Ukraine on Ash Wednesday to combat the “diabolical insistence, the diabolical senselessness of violence,” saying that “once again the peace of all is threatened by partisan interests.”

2.Pope Francis Vatican

Pope Francis spent just over half an hour at the Russian Embassy to the Vatican. Maria Grazia Picciarella/Zuma Press Pope Francis, who has repeatedly called for peace in Ukraine, personally visited…

3.Pope Francis Vatican

ROME — Pope Francis took the first step Monday to reorganize the Vatican’s powerful doctrine office, removing the No. 2 official widely believed responsible for a controversial document barring blessings for same-sex couples because God “cannot bless sin.”

4.Pope Francis Vatican

Pope Francis leaves hospital 10 days after surgery to remove half of his colon World Vatican judge indicts 10, including a cardinal, for alleged financial crimes World Pope revises church law and…

5.Pope Francis Vatican

Pope Francis meets U.S. President Joe Biden at the Vatican, October 29, 2021. VATICAN MEDIA Mr. Biden met with the pope two days before he travels to Glasgow to attend the COP26 United Nations…

6.Pope Francis Vatican

VATICAN CITY, March 6 (Reuters) – Pope Francis on Sunday rejected Russia’s use of the term “special military operation” for its invasion of Ukraine, saying the country was being battered by war and…

7.Pope Francis Vatican

The 19th Century Vatican palace, Palazzo Migliori is now Pope Francis’ homeless shelter. At Pope Francis behest, the palace is now a shelter for those in need.

8.Pope Francis Vatican

Pope Francis apologized to his faithful flock after his sciatica forced him to remain seated while addressing a Vatican City Catholic Church tribunal. The 84-year-old Argentinian has been forced …

9.Pope Francis Vatican

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