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Readygov on Twitter | Winter safety, Safety 1st, Stay safe
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Readygov on Twitter: "A good reminder for all of us to # ...

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Readygov (@Readygov) 9019 posts 155953 followers 938 followings @FEMA’s public service campaign encouraging Americans to plan ahead for disasters.Disasters don’t plan ahead, you can.

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Readygov on Twitter “Keep your home warm in winter weather: 🏠 Keep out the cold with insulation, caulking & weather stripping. 🚫 Never use the oven to heat your home. It can be a fire hazard. 🔥 Keep heaters 3 feet from anything flammable.

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An anonymous discussion topic about: OFFICIAL FEMA TWITTER ACCOUNT ASKING PEOPLE TO BE READY FOR A BLACKOUT on /pol/ – Politically Incorrect –