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Being taken over by boredom and procrastination, and typing qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm and repeating it backwards.


I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (


only the begining of hours of boredom typing often seen when people feel rejected


qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmmnbvcxzlkjhgfdsapoiuytrewq – You have typed qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm AND mnbvcxzlkjhgfdsapoiuytrewq into Google. Now you have gone …


The Fear of The Keyboard’s Alphabet, Researchers in Oxford University Say That Nearly 0.006% of the World’s Population Has This Phobia. It’s So Rare that the possibility of meeting someone with it is 0.000000000000001% Most of People With This Phobia Live in Paraguay, Ways of Treatment are Eating Kitkat for Breakfast and Drinking Tomato Juice with Extra Salt. [[Category:Phobias with long names

6.qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmmnbvcxzljhgfdsapoiuytrewq was founded in 2010 and our goal is to have definitions for any english word. All definitions were added by our community so if you want to help us with one ore more definitions you’re welcome and can you add them using the add definition form.


Do you not see the true meaning? – #142721352 added by Egads, Robin! This one is more unpredictable than the Riddler! Yet, just


qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm mnbvcxzlkjhgfdsapoiuytrewq qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmmnbvcxzlkjhgfdsapoiuytrewq qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmmnbvcxzlkjhgfdsapoiuytre…


means sneke poo. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyond


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