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Key new features coming in Oracle Database 19c
Oracle 19c - New Feature - Automatic SQL Plan Management ...

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1.Oracle 19c new features

In Oracle Database 19c, you can use an external Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server to receive Oracle Trace File Analyzer notifications. In earlier releases of Oracle Trace File Analyzer, to deliver email notifications of alerts, you had to have monitored …

2.Oracle 19c new features

Use the Database Features and Licensing app to view feature availability across Oracle Database releases and to see what features are new in Oracle Database 19c.

3.Oracle 19c new features

In the lessons, you learn the new and enhanced features of Oracle Database 19c amongst different areas such as database overall, security, availability, performance, big data and warehousing, and diagnosability. Topics of the database overall module cover new features such as DBCA, OUI, and Data Pump enhancements.

4.Oracle 19c new features

Oracle Database 19c, is the long term support release of the Oracle Database 12c. It belongs to the family Oracle Database 12.2.0.x and 19c is basically Oracle Database and Extended Support for the Oracle 19c is through to March 2023 and March 2026 respectively.

5.Oracle 19c new features

Oracle 19c is packed up with lots of cool features, I’ve summarized the significant ones in below categories. Support: [Supported untill 2027. As per Note 742060.1–which keeps changing] Performance Features: – SQL plan management automatically evolve the plans and accept the best ones. – Gather Statistics Auto task can run more frequently:

6.Oracle 19c new features

Oracle database 19c builds on top of the innovation and improvements of previous releases such as Multitenant, In-memory, JSON object support for Developers, Sharding and many other features that enable Oracle’s Autonomous database cloud services .. Oracle Database 19c is a long term support release of Oracle database 12c Family (which includes Oracle database 18c) .

7.Oracle 19c new features

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