Neck Brace Bandit Bank Robber

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1.Neck Brace Bandit Bank Robber

The robber was nicknamed the “neck brace bandit” because the bank robber who entered the banks wore a neck brace, a floppy hat and a bandage over his nose, and handed over a note demanding cash and threatened tellers and customers. The Neck Brace Bandit was seen last driving an older Mercedes with black chrome rims.

Police arrest suspect in Moreno Valley Robbery

2.Neck Brace Bandit Bank Robber

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – A man who disguised himself in bandages and a neck brace in a series of credit union and bank robberies in Riverside County may be under arrest, police announced yesterday. Jaime Cooth, 21, was arrested Wednesday in connection with a robbery at the Arrowhead CU branch in Norco on Jan. 31.

3.Neck Brace Bandit Bank Robber

The FBI is looking for a bank robber who disguises himself with bandages, glasses and a neck brace and has hit nine Maryland banks in six months.

4.Neck Brace Bandit Bank Robber

A man dubbed the “Boo Boo Bandit” and the “Bandage Bandit,” wanted in connection with several bank robberies, has … a neck brace and … most recent bank robbery on May 25.The FBI said …

5.Neck Brace Bandit Bank Robber

On Friday at approximately 2:32 PM, a black male wearing a medical-style mask and neck brace entered the South Carolina Federal Credit Union located at 9999 Dorchester Road and presented a note to …

6.Neck Brace Bandit Bank Robber

Wheelchair-bound robber and his gang rob bank. … is actually a member of four-man robbery gang … One of them is in a wheelchair wearing a cast on his left ankle and also has a neck brace.

7.Neck Brace Bandit Bank Robber

During the robberies, he wore eye glasses, a neck brace, and bandages to help conceal his face. He approached the counter, handed the bank employee a note announcing an armed robbery and demanded …

8.Neck Brace Bandit Bank Robber

“He wears eye glasses, a neck brace, and bandages to help conceal his face. The suspect approaches the counter, hands the bank employee a note announcing an armed robbery, and demands money,” the …

9.Neck Brace Bandit Bank Robber

Brian Douglas Wells (November 15, 1956 – August 28, 2003) was an American pizza delivery man who was murdered during a complex plot involving a bank robbery, scavenger hunt, and homemade explosive device near his hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania.Following an attempt to rob a PNC Bank, and while surrounded by police, Wells was murdered when an explosive collar locked to his neck detonated.

10.Neck Brace Bandit Bank Robber

Bank robbery suspect after crash in handcuffs and surrounded by police. (Photo by Brett Dickerson, Oklahoma City Free Press) Officer Megan Morgan, spokesperson for OKCPD, said they got a call about a bank robbery at the Bank of America at 2101 W. Memorial Road. Then they got a call from a citizen describing the truck and giving the tag number.

Bank robbery suspect in custody after crash

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A bank robbery at a subbranch of the Agricultural Bank of China in Shanghai was foiled in just five minutes Monday by bank staffers and people in and outside the bank. The robbery was motivated by loss of money in gambling during the World Cup. The surveillance video showed a man walking into the bank in a black shirt and a black hat, putting a …
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