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1.Nazi appropriation

These guidelines are intended to assist museums in addressing issues relating to objects that may have been unlawfully appropriated during the Nazi era (1933–1945) as a result of actions in furtherance of the Holocaust or that were taken by the Nazis or their collaborators.

2.Nazi appropriation

The Nazi appropriation of the swastika remains one of the twentieth century’s starkest examples of how cultural appropriation has harmed originating cultures. The Nazi regime took a symbol out of its cultural context, appropriated it by divorcing it from its original intentions and then imbued it with meaning for which it was never meant — finally using it as a harbinger of evil.

3.Nazi appropriation

Nazi appropriation Terms like "race", "breeding", "Aryan" and others Nietzsche used in his later works were very useful for Nazi ideologues who tried to take him in for their political program. The pitiless humiliation and, eventually, destruction of the weak was favoured by national socialism.

4.Nazi appropriation

Nazi Appropriation. Adolf Hitler was an admirer of Wagner’s music and saw in his operas an embodiment of his own vision of the German nation; in a 1922 speech he claimed that Wagner’s works glorified "the heroic Teutonic nature Greatness lies in the heroic."

5.Nazi appropriation

The Nazi regime took a symbol out of its cultural context, appropriated it by divorcing it from its original intentions and then imbued it with meaning for which it was never meant — finally using it as a harbinger of evil. Now, that misuse is all that anyone associates with the swastika.

6.Nazi appropriation

This statement was interpreted in Nazi Germany as a defence of the racial purity of the ancient Germani, essential to the reigning ideology. In this sense, politicians and educators sought to underline the “aboriginal” nature of their ancestors, appropriating the authority of classical sources.

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1.Will to power

beings. Some of the misconceptions of the will to power, including Nazi appropriation of Nietzsche’s philosophy, arise from overlooking Nietzsche’s distinction to power

2.Religion in Nazi Germany

the Nazis were not a Christian movement. The prominent Protestant theologian Karl Barth, of the Swiss Reformed Church, opposed this appropriation of Luther in Nazi Germany