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MyPillow is the brainchild of gregarious crack addict -turned-entrepreneur Mike Lindell, a self-professed inventor and “sleep expert.” In six years, Lindell reportedly spent $100 million on those… pillow guy crack addict commercial

The MyPillow guy, played with “hard … “I’m just a normal American ex-crack addict turned pillow CEO and adviser to a former president.” Lindell then raved about his pillow, not only …

‘SNL’ Shows Where The MyPillow Guy Gets His Craziest Conspiracy Theories pillow guy crack addict commercial

Lindell — also called “the MyPillow guy” by Twitter users, who were confused by his March 30, 2020 appearance alongside President Trump at a White House coronavirus press briefing — went from a… pillow guy crack addict commercial

Mike Lindell says there aren’t many crack addicts who’ve become successful, but he’s one of them. “It can be done, people,” he laughed. The self-made multimillionaire and infomercial superstar… pillow guy crack addict commercial

I said — I told him, I was an ex-crack addict, and I was going to — with my foundation or I mean, my Recovery Network, we’re going help addicts and, and he talked about how he was going to bring … pillow guy crack addict commercial

Tom 3 years ago Admittedly it might be kind of a surprise to realize that the MyPillow guy on TV, Mike Lindell, was a severe crack addict at one time. The guy looks like he’s doing great now and he…

You Know that MyPillow Guy on TV? He was a Severe Crack Addict pillow guy crack addict commercial

In the 90s, he became addicted to crack cocaine. Still, God continued to chase Lindell, planting seeds of faith along his path to get his attention. In 2004, Lindell invented MyPillow, but it was slow to take off. A few years later his life began to fall apart because of his dependency on drugs.

My Pillow guy was addict for decades, turned life around pillow guy crack addict commercial

Michael James Lindell (born June 28, 1961) is an American businessman. He is the founder and CEO of My Pillow, Inc., and is sometimes referred to as the “My Pillow guy”. He gained notoriety as an avid supporter of and advisor to United States President Donald Trump, beginning with his 2016 campaign, and continuing after Trump left office.

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1.Kueppers: The MyPillow guy is destroying MySanity

Even though a defamation suit could potentially be the end of MyPillow as we know it, the man continues to spew crazy and far-fetched theories because he is a fervent supporter of Donald Trump and Trumpian politics.

Kueppers: The MyPillow guy is destroying MySanity

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1  Crack Addict to CEO: My Pillow Commercial
Remember kids, stay in drugs and don’t do school.
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