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Inception (2010) Michael Caine as Miles. Professor : [to Cobb about his grandchildren] It’ll take more tha the occasional stuffed animal to convince them they still have a father.

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She called her second son Miles Michael Caine Hall, though his twin sister, Alegra, had to miss out. "She’s not Alegra Michael Caine!" notes the actor, who stresses that he dotes on all three.

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Mr Hall has two sons, Taylor and Miles – who both have ‘Michael Caine’ as their middle names – and a daughter Alegra with Natasha, who he married in 2007.

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Sir Michael Caine (born Maurice Joseph Micklewhite; 14 March 1933) is an English film actor. He plays the role of Miles in the film Inception. Caine has been acting since the 50s and 60s, and is famous for his distinctive cockney accent. He has been nominated for 6 Academy Awards, winning twice in 1986 and 1999. In 1992 he was awarded a CBE, and in 2000 he was knighted. As one of Christopher …

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Wollaton Hall stars as Wayne Manor in the Christopher Nolan film, The Dark Knight Rises. Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine are all on set. The Hall is five miles north of Gotham, Nottinghamshire from which Gotham City got its name.

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Michael Caine was born Maurice Joseph Micklewhite Jr. on 14 March 1933 at St Olave’s Hospital in the Rotherhithe area of London. His father, Maurice Joseph Micklewhite Sr. (20 February 1899, St Olave, Bermondsey, London –1956, Lambeth, London), was a fish market porter of English and Irish heritage, while his English mother, Ellen Frances Marie Burchell (1900, Southwick, London –1989 …

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Michael Caine is an English actor who has appeared in over 130 films and has had multiple television appearances. Caine‘s acting career began in the 1950s, when he was cast in many small, often uncredited roles in British films. Caine gained recognition as one of the most famous actors of the 1960s through his breakthrough role in the film Zulu (1964).

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Caine‘s own narrative is the kind of rags-to-riches tale that might be imagined by Hollywood script-writers. Born Maurice Micklewhite in 1933 in London’s East End, he arrived into a Britain that …

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Natasha, 40, Sir Michael‘s only daughter with his second wife, Shakira, has instructed solicitors to prepare divorce proceedings against her property developer husband Michael Hall.

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Masque of the Red Death (1964) with Vincent Price, in Alfie opposite Michael Caine in 1966, and in Jerzy Skolimowski’s Deep End (1970) with John Moulder Asher

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