Matching grants can create a moral hazard because

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1.Matching grants can create a moral hazard because

Matching grants create a moral hazard because. people may behave differently or take more risks because they do not have to pay all of the costs of their actions. The Constitution opened the door to nationalization by granting the federal government ultimate power to determine within certain bounds.

2.Matching grants can create a moral hazard because

Matching grants sometimes create moral hazards because: they give states an incentive to spend more on programs so that they can receive more money for them from the national government, bu they also make cutting spending form these programs more difficult

3.Matching grants can create a moral hazard because

Inasmuch as it is altering a company’s behaviour and risk appetite, a matching grant can lead to moral hazard and so the risk profile of the recipient of a grant must be aligned with the wishes of…

4.Matching grants can create a moral hazard because

A moral hazard is an idea that a party protected from risk in some way will act differently than if they didn’t have that protection. In the insurance industry, moral hazard occurs when insured …

5.Matching grants can create a moral hazard because

Moral hazard can exist when a party to a contract can take risks without having to suffer consequences. Moral hazard is common in the lending and insurance industries but also can exist in …

6.Matching grants can create a moral hazard because

Fiat paper money creates moral hazard for the producer because he has the possibility of creating ex nihilo virtually any amount of money and, thus, to buy virtually any amount of goods and services for sale. The only limit to this capacity is the hyperinflation that invariably results in the case of a great inflation of the money supply.

7.Matching grants can create a moral hazard because

The resultant moral hazard can be ameliorated by an incentive contract. The optimal non-decreasing wage involves granting ‘in-the-money’ options. In the context of academic tenure, the optimal tenure standard requires the agent to exceed expectations, and lies within one standard deviation of the expected outcome.

8.Matching grants can create a moral hazard because

Lenders create moral hazards by acting in a manner that is more beneficial for themselves but not borrowers; borrowers create moral hazards in the same way.

9.Matching grants can create a moral hazard because

The moral hazard inherent in the federal tax code has become ever more obvious in the current administration’s efforts to raise funds by targeting for “fairness” purposes those who can be singled out for punishment for being rich. But there are not enough truly rich to matter. Confiscating 100 percent of the income of those who make more …

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