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[email protected] Click Here for the Official Kekmachannel Click Here for the Official Kekmachannel ", formerly is a bait and switch shock site first hosted on the 23rd of April, 2019. The website purports to be a right-wing Reddit clone, especially of The_Donald and Voat. [1] Once opened, the website displays an 18+ age warning and a link to a the Kekma community site,

What is Kekma is a shock online website exhibiting NSFL data on the internet and circulating such content globally. It has been practiced in incursion …

The link has been used in online attacks across several Discord servers and sub-channels across Reddit. The attack has people click the link and they are taken to the site, which is obnoxious and offensive.

There is no official Kekma Discord server. Nor is there any official Kekma social media. Do not donate money to anyone claiming to represent Kekma. ObokTheSecond#4857 is an impersonator without any relation to us. The real ObokTheSecond account was …

If the memes say it, it’s for something. Users on social networks have made a site with quite "peculiar" content a trend. If there’s one thing you can’t do on Twitter, it ‘s tell people NOT to do something, and this is precisely what happened with Kekma ga.

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