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Celebri-tea - #KaylaB vs #Cubandollđź‘€ | Facebook
Slice of Cheesecake: Kayla, photoshoot
Dj Kaylab Sticker by NFF Club for iOS & Android | GIPHY

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A beef on Twitter led to a physical fight between Cuban Doll and Kayla B. Pic credit: @cubanndasavage/Instagram and @BeezyyTatted/Twitter Rapper Cuban Doll and King Von’s sister Kayla B got into …


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Cuban Doll and King Von’s sister Kayla B got into a physical fight after beefing on social media yesterday, and now the fight video has gone viral on Twitter. Drama has erupted in …


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King Von’s sister Kayla B and Cuban Doll have been going back and forth online for a while, but it seems that the online beef has spilled over into real life after the two reportedly linked up …