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1.Jam Monster Ejuice Recipe

Flavor Notes. RF Strawberry Jam w/ Toast: This is the flavor that pulls the entire recipe together.It’s not the ONLY flavor, something many previously thought, but its certainly the most important. It’s quite potent so I had to use a concentration of 2% to make sure that toast note didn’t completely override the others. 2% is just the right amount as it sits nicely in the mix, and lends …

Strawberry Jam Monster DIY E-liquid Recipe #REMIXMONTH

2.Jam Monster Ejuice Recipe

Strawberry Jam developed in 2017 is available on Vapor-Flavor.com but Flavor Labs refused to add the Butter Toast note (simply Maltol and Acetylpropionyl) because of lung health. So the Jam Monster claim 50% strawberry and 25% butter and 25% toast is not even true.

3.Jam Monster Ejuice Recipe

An e-liquid recipe for Strawberry Jam Monster Remix posted to 99Juices — the largest e-juice recipe community on the internet.

4.Jam Monster Ejuice Recipe

Blueberry Jam with butter element. 3% VT Croissant to add a “bready butter” taste/texture to the juice was tried by @NordicFlavours. He said it really adds that bready/toast texture to the mix. —– **Flavor Choices** Blueberry Extra TPA, Bilberry FA, Blueberry FW These three together are a solid solid blueberry flavor. The holy trinity made by @EdibleMalfunction Incredible in about any …

5.Jam Monster Ejuice Recipe

Hi all, first I should say that I never tried the original. It is quite difficult to buy the JAM Monster series in Germany. I’ve heard the hype around this liquid and researched the recipe. After some attempts, I can say that I wouldn’t buy the original because I like this version and it’s satisfying for my tastebuds. This recipe is in no way a clone. I just got inspired by the profile. 3.0% …

6.Jam Monster Ejuice Recipe

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7.Jam Monster Ejuice Recipe

Gave my Strawberry Jam monster a go at 7 days seep and it is much better. Still a bit of that chemical taste but the butter and toast is slowly coming through. I just put a few drops of sweetener in since I noticed that mr Wayne got a heavy sweet tooth.

8.Jam Monster Ejuice Recipe

Jam Monster E-Liquid – Best Jam + Creamy Butter + Toast E-Juice. Jam Monster has become one of the top stop-sellingium e-liquids in the country because they carefully craft their e-vape juice flavors using only the finest ingredients and time tested e-juice recipes. Jam Monster e-liquid has great flavor and is a prime choice for cloud chasers.

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1  Strawberry Jam Monster DIY E-liquid Recipe #REMIXMONTH
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