Hiring up in 9 industries: LinkedIn

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1.Hiring up in 9 industries: LinkedIn

The skills gap is widening, unemployment in the U.S. is at its lowest rate since 2000, and nearly 60% of employers struggle to fill job vacancies within 12 weeks. But if you think it’s tough to find great talent now, new research from the Korn Ferry Institute suggests that things are only going to get worse. By 2030, the global talent shortage could reach 85.2 million people—costing …

2.Hiring up in 9 industries: LinkedIn

64% of job seekers get hired through a referral. Use LinkedIn Jobs to boost your chances of getting hired through people you know.

3.Hiring up in 9 industries: LinkedIn

If you’re in recruiting today, your job will be very different in 5 years — even if you keep the exact same job title. That’s because the role of recruiting itself is evolving, according to a new report from LinkedIn called The Future of Recruiting: 7 Ways Your Role Will Change.. Recruiting teams will be called on to develop new skills, master new metrics, and adopt new tools.

4.Hiring up in 9 industries: LinkedIn

5. Umbel helps people self-identify as job candidates. The big-data start-up Umbel has a gaming challenge called “Umbelmania,” in which amateur and professional coders fight a series of opponents in a first-person fighter-style game—but they are coding the movements.And just like any online game you would play, you can win points within the game.

5.Hiring up in 9 industries: LinkedIn

“I lead LinkedIn’s Military and Veteran Recruiting Programs. Each day I wake up excited to make LinkedIn the #1 employer of choice for the military community in tech. I believe people from the military community can continue their life of service by joining our ranks at LinkedIn.” Cory Boatwright Head of Military & Veteran Recruiting Programs

6.Hiring up in 9 industries: LinkedIn

Social media, word of mouth, and job ads are helpful for attracting candidates to your company. But, they all lead directly back to your company’s careers website. That means that if your careers site isn’t up to snuff, it doesn’t matter how great all the tactis you use to get them there are. They’ll simply lose interest. In other words, the career page is the anchor holding together …

7.Hiring up in 9 industries: LinkedIn

LinkedIn has said that the U.K. jobs market is currently three times more competitive when compared to the same period last year but has compiled a list of roles most in-demand by employers globally.

8.Hiring up in 9 industries: LinkedIn

Racking up Points for Recruitment. The other primary reason LinkedIn users are active on the platforms is for job recruitment efforts. With more than 20 million companies listed on the site and 20 million open jobs, it’s no surprise to find out that 87% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn. [pic too large]

Mind-Blowing LinkedIn Statistics and Facts (2021)

9.Hiring up in 9 industries: LinkedIn

Medical: Look at any list of top-paying, fast-growing jobs, and you’ll see healthcare jobs right at the top of the ranking.Even during the depths of the Great Recession, this industry was booming. Of course, these jobs aren’t for everyone;it takes compassion and emotional fortitude to work in this field, as well as the willingness to spend time and money training.

10.Hiring up in 9 industries: LinkedIn

With a healthy labor market, record low unemployment, and steady wage growth, many U.S. job seekers have more control over their careers.Employers are eager to show you more than the basic job …

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1.The economy added 379,000 jobs in February as unemployment dropped slightly

The report, which covers the first full month of the Biden presidency, reflects an economy that is still very much bogged down by the pandemic.

Published Date: 2021-03-06T02:29:00.0000000Z

1  Growing the Site Reliability Team at LinkedIn: Hiring is Hard — Greg Leffler
From the Velocity Conference website: Greg Leffler is Manager of Site Reliability at LinkedIn and architected revisions to LinkedIn’s SRE hiring process, including the development of real ‘on the job’-like troubleshooting and triage exercises. Greg also holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Psychology from Old Dominion University. He …
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capitalist and author. Hoffman was the co-founder and executive chairman of LinkedIn, a business-oriented social network used primarily for professional networking…