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Carter’s Little Liver Pills were billed as a medicine aiding bile flow in the liver. However, nearly a century later, they were proven to have nothing to do with the liver at all. Beginning in 1943, the Federal Trade Commission fought for a name change .

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First I need to explain that once there was a product called Carter’s little liver pills. They came in a small little round tin tube with a inserted tin lid. The pills themselves were small little white bb’s and the tube held a lot of them. This container was hard to open but easy to spill and the perfectly round pills would roll at impressive speed in all directions if dropped.

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1.Unfaithfully Yours (1948 film)

invented Beecham’s Pills, a laxative. It is speculated that Sturges named his character de Carter after Carter‘s Little Liver Pills.) Unfaithfully Yours Yours (1948 film)

2.Patent medicine

Andrews Liver Salts Aspro aspirin tablets Bayer Aspirin BC Powder Bromo-Seltzer Carter‘s Little Liver Pills (Currently sold as Carter‘s Little Pills) Chlorodyne medicine