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1.Bruce springsteen super bowl commercial

Bruce Springsteen issued a call for common ground, unity and political centrism in a 2-minute long ad for Jeep set to run during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

2.Bruce springsteen super bowl commercial

Bruce Springsteen appears in Jeep’s Super Bowl commercial, which promotes unity among Americans. The two-minute commercial was shot in the geographic center of the U.S.

3.Bruce springsteen super bowl commercial

After driving “Thunder Road” for decades, Bruce Springsteen is taking a detour on Madison Avenue.The musician known as “The Boss” will command two minutes of commercial time in Super Bowl …

4.Bruce springsteen super bowl commercial

Within 24 hours, he had a virtual handshake deal with Mr. Springsteen, who joins Bill Murray, the star of last year’s Super Bowl commercial from the same company, as a Jeep pitchman.

5.Bruce springsteen super bowl commercial

Bruce Springsteen made his debut in a Super Bowl commercial — and it was a big one.. The 71-year-old music icon narrated and appeared in a game-day ad for Jeep, titled “The Middle.” In the …

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6.Bruce springsteen super bowl commercial

Bruce Springsteen isn’t known for doing commercials, but for this year’s Super Bowl, the rock legend made an exception, with a spot for Jeep about common ground, connection and crossing the divide …

7.Bruce springsteen super bowl commercial

Even Bruce Springsteen is getting in on the ad bowl at the Super Bowl this year. The Boss is front and center in the big game commercial — his first — for Jeep. “There’s a chapel in Kansas …

8.Bruce springsteen super bowl commercial

The commercial featured Bruce Springsteen in a tiny Kansas town, trying to heal a divided nation (and sell some sports utility vehicles). For a commercial, it was a nice thought. Some people loved …

9.Bruce springsteen super bowl commercial

Except on Super Bowl Sunday. In this moment comes “The Middle,” a two-minute film from Jeep featuring Bruce Springsteen, a Freehold native, that will air during the game Sunday, Feb. 7, on CBS.

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