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1.Bernie sanders chair meme

The Photographer Behind the Bernie Sanders Chair Meme Tells All “I think he’s probably perfectly comfortable coming out there, sitting alone, holding his papers and then going back in to do …

The Photographer Behind the Bernie Sanders Chair Meme Tells All

2.Bernie sanders chair meme

Bernie On A Chair Is The Meme of the Year – Here Are The Best Ones. Bernie Sanders unintentionally triggered a hilarious meme all of him sitting in a chair and wearing unique mittens. Here are the best memes.

3.Bernie sanders chair meme

Bernie Sanders sitting in a chair at Joe Biden’s inauguration quickly became a meme. There’s now a tool that lets you put him in images taken from Google Maps’ Street View, for infinite …

4.Bernie sanders chair meme

It started with a funny enough real picture of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, socially distanced and a little cranky-faced on a folding chair on the Capitol steps in a drab GoreTex jacket and big …

5.Bernie sanders chair meme

The “once again” meme met the “Grandpa Bernie in a chair” meme with this one, which features Sanders “”once again asking for a space heater.” Look, DC gets cold in January.

6.Bernie sanders chair meme

Creatives evolved “Bernie Sanders in a Chair” beyond the confines of a normal meme. What started as a photo of Bernie Sanders arriving at Joe Biden’s inauguration in typical Bernie fashion has …

7.Bernie sanders chair meme

This Bernie Sanders meme from inauguration day 2021 is hilarious and has set Twitter alight. Find out about the mittens and see the best memes here.

8.Bernie sanders chair meme

A meme was born (in front of Lady Gaga!), which was fitting because Sanders appeared to be wearing the same Burton parka he dons in another popular piece of internet fodder, a fundraising video in…

9.Bernie sanders chair meme

Bernie Sanders has once again stolen the internet’s heart — this time by wearing the coat from the “I am once again asking” meme at President Joe Biden’s inauguration. And even now, an …

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1.Bemittened Bernie: The meme that resonated around the world

An image of the former presidential contender, seated at Biden’s inauguration, found global resonance, transcending nationality, politics and context.

Published Date: 2021-01-23T00:20:00.0000000Z

2.A new meme generator lets you drop Bernie Sanders and his chair around the world

Bernie Sanders sitting at President Joe Biden’s inauguration ( we even did a rundown of the best ones ), but now there’s a website that lets you easily drop Bernie and his chair all over the world with the help of Google Maps’ Street View ( via Android Central ).

Published Date: 2021-01-21T22:22:12.0000000Z

1  The mittens that launched a million memes: Bernie Sanders goes viral, plus a little Toledo twist
The Vermont senator’s cozy fashion choice caught the world’s attention during the inauguration. The iconic photo birthed a phenomenon of Bernie Sanders traveling through pop culture and world destinations with his folding chair, crossed legs, heavy coat and comfy handmade mittens – and WTOL 11 joined the fun. Here’s how you can put Bernie …
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1.Bernie Sanders

"The Bernie Sanders Meme Pile on Has Commenced". Time. Retrieved January 21, 2021. Ewart, Asia. "Bernie Sanders‘ Campaign Ad Became A Viral Meme & We…

2.Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign

In the 2016 presidential campaign, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders sought the Democratic Party’s nomination in a field of six major candidates and was the…

3.List of Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign endorsements

(2017–present), Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (2019–present) Ro Khanna, U.S. Representative from CA-17 (2017–present) and Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential…