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1.Australian international students

The number of international student visa holders inside Australia at the end of 2020 (around 385,000) had dropped by almost 195,000 compared to October 2019.. The trials to bring back …

2.Australian international students

The experience of studying in Australia is sold to international students as a chance to bond, make friends and build a whole life in a new country. But deprived of even the most basic means of…

3.Australian international students

Charles Darwin University is the first Australian university to welcome back international students under the program, after hard border restrictions were put in place nine months ago on March 20.

4.Australian international students

As Australian universities and the federal government desperately campaign to get international students to resume courses in 2021, many have already decided they will not return. Katherine Qi, who is studying at UNSW, was forced to spend 2020 in Fujian, China, because of coronavirus restrictions.

5.Australian international students

Australia is an incredibly friendly, welcoming destination for international students. We are one of, if not the most successful, multicultural societies anywhere in the world.” He added that he is…

6.Australian international students

Foreign students stuck offshore have been waiting with bated breath over when Australia will open its borders for international students since the country closed its borders to non-Australians in March due to COVID-19. Delays in pilot programmes have done little to alleviate anxiety over when student can resume on-campus studies.

7.Australian international students

International Student Support As we continue to live and study through COVID-19, it can often be confusing and challenging as a student in Australia. As a community, we have always supported one another in times of need. This includes looking after the health, safety and wellbeing of our international students.

8.Australian international students

The South Australian government had also arranged a program to bring in 300 international students in November, which was put on hold when the state had its short-lived second Covid wave.

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1.International students launch campaign to return to Australia amid border closures

An official petition to Australian lawmakers urging them to exempt international students from border closures has received nearly 3,000 signatures, citing “bad quality” online lessons and lack of schooling for some.

Published Date: 2021-01-15T10:07:00.0000000Z

2.Victoria plans for international students’ return with special quarantine housing

Students and universities willing to pay for accommodation similar to Australian Open set-up

Published Date: 2021-01-15T07:09:38.0000000Z

1  A third of Australia’s international students are barred from entering the country | ABC News
A third of Australia’s international students are stuck outside the country, most with no prospect of returning in time for the start of the new semester. With he borders shut, the exodus has left a gaping hole in the economy and student accommodation towers could sit empty for months. Subscribe: ABC News provides around …
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1.International students in Australia

international students will enroll in Australian courses and add to the already significant international student body around the country. Australia has…

2.International student

International students, or foreign students, according to the OECD are "those who received their prior education in another country and are not residents…

3.Australian Catholic University

campus has a student representative council and there is a national student body called the Australian Catholic University National Students‘ Association…