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1.Possible fix solutions for Facebook likes ‘no data available’ issue

Despite the complaints, Facebook doesn’t appear to have addressed the global problem. Users are unable to view who liked or ...

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2.Why does it say ‘no data available’ on Facebook likes? FB users report glitch when using social network

Facebook users are reporting an error when they attempt to view who has liked their photos on the social networking app.

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3.How to View Private Facebook Profiles

People will try to pry at your private Facebook profile. Here's how private Facebook profiles work and the tactics they might ...

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4.Top 20 Sites to buy youtube views and likes

On the internet there are a lot of SMM panels that offer fast promotion, but are they effective? In this article we examine ...

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5.ABC reports firms slyly collecting data, fails to disclose it's in same game

The ABC has reported that learning software providers were slurping up data of students during the pandemic without clearly ...

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6.Best SEO Reporting Tools: Top 10 to Boost Traffic in 2022

SEO is an incredibly important part of any online marketing strategy, as it helps your website rank higher in search engine ...

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7.News To Know: 6 stories you should have on your radar this week

From filters being banned to the Queen's Oyster Card to women fighting back against sexual assault, these are the six stories ...

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8.Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Metaverse (but Were Afraid to Ask)

Everyone has questions about the metaverse these days. We rounded up some of the more popular queries to help people ...

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9.Data: The fuel that’s heating the creator economy?

Leading data experts Paul Scholey, VP of International Sales at Sisensefrom and Nicolette Roses-Agoro, Head of Community and ...

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10.Is Your Twitter Embarrassing? Here's How to Delete All Your Old Tweets

But be warned: Unless you backed up a data file your tweets ... 3,200 tweets and 1,000 likes per month. The Unlimited tier ($6 a month) unlocks the entire app. No matter what subscription you ...

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11.Digital sovereignty: Reclaiming your private data in Web3

Big Tech companies recognized the pressure and increasing regulatory demand, so in 2018, the Data Transfer Project was born. Six contributors — Google, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, Facebook and ...

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1.Big Data Scoring

2015-11-27. "We Are Not Data Mining From Social Media Illegally". Baltic Business News. May 8, 2013. "Rumor: Facebook 'likes' can hurt your credit score" Data Scoring

2.Social media analytics

media analytics is the process of gathering and analyzing data from social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. It is commonly used media analytics