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1.Free Fascism Essays and Papers

What is Fascism? When the word “fascism” is mentioned people usually associate the word with German Nazis’. There is more to fascism than just German Nazis.’ Fascism is an interesting topic that ...

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2.Difference Between Democracy And Democracy

By this he meant that for all its flaws, elections where governments are elected through votings generally ... like the UK, USA, Canada, most of Western Europe and New Zealand are popular choices for ...

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3.Political policing

Behind this evolution lay both political and social changes. The French Revolution fostered a fear amongst the leaders of other countries that similar uprisings ... Co-operation in the anti-communist ...

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4.The Times & The Sunday Times Homepage

The NHS should allow consultants to work from home and train clerical staff to conduct cancer scans in an overhaul of how people are employed, the government’s former cancer tsar has said ...

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5.Nationalism and internationalism in modern art

Dans : History of humanity: scientific and cultural development, v. VII: The Twentieth century, p. 408-446 ...

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6.The Social consequences of scientific and technological knowledge and practice

Dans : History of humanity: scientific and cultural development, v. VII: The Twentieth century, p. 235-240 ...

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7.Film and History - BA (Hons)

Find your own critical voice, become a historian, and learn the language of film at Kent, one of the three major universities for ... social and cultural contexts of films. You take a similar approach ...

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8.Psychological Warfare

Pages 1-243 are a reprint from the first edition. This edition, like the first, is the product of field experience ... who was later murdered by the Communists, meetings with Philippine, Republic of ...

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9.The Corner

(I love that “F*&k” grawlix, like this is a silly cartoon from the 1930s — which, in its way, is exactly what the Nation is.) ...

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Wikipedia sayings about one similarity between totalitarian systems like fascism and communism in the 1930s was that both systems generally –

1.Mass killings under communist regimes

explained as the result of the marriage between absolute power and the absolutist ideology of Marxism. Rummel states that "communism was like a fanatical killings under communist regimes

2.Far-right politics

million descendants lived in Brazil at that time. During the 1920s and 1930s, a local brand of religious fascism appeared known as integralism a green-shirted politics